Top 5 Ways on How to Look Cute

How to look cute without much effort? Do you want to have a make-over and want to become a cute chick to make guys melt as you walk past them? Well, there are top 5 ways to have a cute look that will surely get those eyes rolling towards you. However, you should remember that not all girls look cute because it all depends on how you carry yourself.  Petite, shy and girls with small faces look cute the best, but if you want to create an impression of looking cute, then, these top 5 ways will surely make you a walking cute doll:

1. Don’t try to act sexy

Cute is nervous and fragile while sexy is oozing with self-confidence. If you want to look cute, then you must be able to drop those sexy attitudes because cute and sexy don’t go along with each other well.

Cute girl

Looking cute means that you must look natural, shy and fragile

Sexy but not cute

Combining sexy looks with a cute image is never cute.

2. Use minimal make-up

Too much make-up makes you look glamorous and not cute. If you are trying to figure out how to look cute for school, then wear light make-ups with nude shades, subtle hues and pink shades to make you more innocent looking and give you cute looks too.

Light make up for cute girls

Natural and nude shades are best if you want to look cute

Minimal make-up

Match a pink eyesahdow with a pink lipstick and a pink blush for a more natural look

3. Use pastel shades

If you are choosing clothes, go for lighter or pastel shades instead of bold ones. Pastel colors are usually softer to look at and make you look cuter.

Pastel cute dress

This pastel dress and pastel jacket makes an outfit very cute

Cute pastel dress

You can also have this simple, yet cute dress to compliment your cute style

4. Make your hair cute

How to make your hair look cute is one of the major questions that you need to focus on. Your hair will be the first thing that people would notice. A cute look is synonymous to looking simple, yet stunning so you might as well make your hair simple. Some cute hairstyles include using a hairband, a simple ponytail, pigtails, using hair clips, wavy and short hair, straight and long hair.


Pigtails never fail to create a cute look, but make sure that you look good on it

Cute hairband

This cute hairband compliments a cute dress and a cute hair

5. Smile a lot

Smiling is one of the best ways to look cute. Cute girls always wear their cute smiles as they walk through.

Cute smile

A simple smile while talking and affirming something gives you a lighter and cuter personality

Cute smiles

Smiling projects a light and bubbly image so it’s a perfect way on how to look cute

Looking cute may be disguised by clothes and accessories, but to look cute naturally, you must also act innocent, bubbly and desirable.