Top Must Have Makeup Tools

Wearing makeup lets you enhance your beauty further as well as conceal flaws on your skin. For some women, makeup has already become a part of their daily lives which means that they wear makeup in a  day to day regular basis while some women only wear makeup when they have to or when they feel like they need an extra confidence booster. Whether you are a makeup enthusiast or not, you know that makeup tools are important to achieve a much more professional-looking outcome and a flawless finish. Take a look at our list of the top must have makeup tools and see if you have everything in your stash.

  • Mirror – the number one thing you need for applying anything at all on to your face is a mirror. Without a mirror, applying makeup would be such a difficult challenge. You wouldn’t know if you’re applying the product on the right spots. For your vanity, a double sided makeup mirror is a must. These are the mirrors that have a normal view on one side and a magnified view on the other. For your beauty bag, a compact mirror is enough.

mirror makeup mirror

  • Eyelash curler – even bare eyes can look flirty with just the right curl of the eyelashes. An eyelash curler gives you longer-looking lashes that makes the eyes look brighter and more awake. You can use your eyelash curler to curl your lashes on its own and you can also use it before and after applying mascara for fuller lashes. Warm up your eyelash curler by using a blow dryer to make the curls last longer.

eyelash curler

  • Spoolie – a spoolie often comes with other brushes when you buy a makeup brush kit. This makeup tool is used for brushing the brows to keep them in place. It’s the same kind of brush you get with a mascara or a brow gel. This is a must have if you have unruly brows.


  • Beauty blender sponge – a beauty blender sponge is simply a sponge that’s shaped like an egg or a teardrop with one end pointed and the other one rounded. This tool is used for applying foundation on the face. Using a beauty blender helps buff your foundation more into your skin therefore creating a more flawless finish.

beauty blender

  • Makeup brushes – makeup brushes let you create more precise looks with your makeup. Though there are some products that you can use with your fingers, using a brush always produces better results. Keep your brushes clean, especially those you use in the eye area, to avoid infections of any kind.

makeup brushes

  • Tweezers – for something so small, tweezers sure are versatile. There are many things you can do with tweezers but primarily, these are what you use to pluck your brows and keep them in good shape. Tweezers can also be used for applying false eye lashes because they’re much more delicate to use than your fingers.

tweezers tools tweezers

  • Q-tips = the most inexpensive yet useful thing you can have in your makeup kit are Q-tips. These can be used to apply makeup, erase smudges, create smudges and many more.

qtip tool qtip