Top Ten Ways on How To Look Sexy

Almost all women would like to look sexy for their man. If you have not been wearing sexy or acting sexy all these years, now is the time that you need tips on how to look sexy. Looking sexy doesn’t need you to have that perfectly shaped body with big busts, slim waist and full bottom. All you need to do is play with your style to reveal that natural sexiness in you. If you are wondering on how to look sexy naturally, here are the top ten ways to look sexy:

Be confident

One of the most important tips to look sexy is to be confident about yourself. Men usually sense confidence in women and they find more confident women to be very sexy. Confidence also helps you carry yourself properly and naturally.


Play with your clothes

Showing a bit of what you’ve got is a turn-on for the opposite sex. For instance, wear a top that reveals a little cleavage. However, make sure that you don’t reveal too much cleavage because it is a major turnoff for men because they don’t enjoy the chase anymore.


Get a lace dress

Aside from showing a little cleavage, you may also wear lace clothes. Lace is one of the hottest fashion trends today and it is also the best fabric that you can use. Lace makes you a seductress because of the romantic and feminine touch of the lace.

Lace dress

Wear red

Red is very seductive and sexy. Red is the color for passion and romance so when you wear red, you reveal a natural glow inside you.

Sexy Red Dress

Use high heels

Heels change the way you walk and usually makes your hips thrust and your breast forward because you assume a good posture. Heels also make the legs appear longer and the feet smaller. So the next time you hit outdoors, make sure to wear the sexiest heels in your dressing room.

Sexy High Heels

Show a pouty lips

Having lips like those of Angelina Jolie is a major factor to look sexy. Fuller lips are very inviting and seductive. Wear pouty lips by highlighting the curves of your lips with a shimmer cream stick.

Angelina Jolie Lips

Fix your hair to one side

Hair that is swept to one side shows confidence and it also reveals your sexy shoulders. Aside from fixing your hair, you may play with your locks on the side when in front of the opposite sex.

Sexy Hair

Keep your hair shiny

A shiny hair makes your crowning glory perfect. Flirting in front of a man with your shiny hair gives you a plus factor than having a coarse and dry hair.

Sexy Shiny Hair

Wear a sexy perfume

Sexiness does not only satisfy the sense of sight, but an attractive fragrance can also make you sexier and prettier. A scent of lavender, rose, vanilla and orange blossom are the most appealing to men.

Sexy Perfume

Act smart

Acting smart is also one of the most important ways to look sexy. In fact, smart women attract more men because they appear empowered and domineering.

Smart Women

From these tips, sexiness is in fact not only superficial, but entails the totality of women.