Trendy Hairstyles that Make you Look Younger

Aside from the fear of getting fat, women would do all things that will keep them from aging. Yes, anti-aging aging creams may help prevent wrinkles and face lift and botox may help prevent aging, but having an overall look that you are younger is much better. In this line, you should not only look for cute outfits and anti-aging cosmetics, but also look for hairstyles that make you look younger.

Our hair is our crowning glory, so getting hairstyles and haircuts that make you look younger will help you turn back the time 10 to 20 years to make you look younger than your age. To get you started, here are the top 10 hairstyles to make you look younger:

1. Long ad Straight

The most classic of all hairstyles still tops the best hairstyle that make you look younger. Who said that older women can’t have long and straight hair and they should only be wearing above the shoulder length hair? Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz ad Angelina Jolie once had long and straight hairs and they look young on it.

Long straight hair

2. Cute Bangs

Speaking of young, getting a bangs is synonymous to looking younger like your teen years. However, make sure to match your bangs with smooth and silky hair to get an overall charming look.

Sweet hairstyle

3. Angled Bob

Instead of getting a straight bob, make it angled with matching sweeping bangs.  This hairstyle covers your wrinkles and also makes your face smaller like Barbie’s creating a younger look.

Angled bob

4. Loose Waves

Young means lighter and bubblier. Loose wave hairstyles make you look younger especially if you divide your hair at the center. If you are going out with friends, this hairstyle makes you more bubblier and younger.

Wavy blonde hair

5. Soft and rounded ends bob with side swept bangs

Women at their early to middle adulthood years rarely cut their hair this short because they fear that they may look older. This haircut when made into rounded ends make you look younger tan having a layered bob.

Side swept bangs

6. Fine layers

Fine layers like this is cuter than full short cut layers. With lovely highlights, you could be stopping your aging clock as you wear this hairstyle.

Anti aging hairstyles

7. Loose Bun with Face-framing layers

This simple updo looks very gorgeous and very young. Older women seldom fix their hair this way, but if they do, they will just see that they will be 10 years younger.

Cute hairstyle

8. Caramel Highlights in Wavy Hair

Highlights that are two-shades lighter than your base color makes you younger because it warms your skin as the light strikes your face. A perfectly wavy hair is also better than getting small kinky hair in your head.

Julia Roberts younger hairstyle

9. Shoulder Swept Braids and Bangs

Remember those teen days when you go to school in braids and bangs. Well, just reinvent it by putting your braided hair on one side for a more “woman” look. Also, get your bangs between your brows ad your eyelashes to zero in your gorgeous eyes.

Younger hairstyles

10.Looser Updo

We always see celebrities getting their bun as high and as tight in their head. But if you want to look younger, a looser updo with a roughed-up height at the crown will make you look 10 years younger.

Scarlett Johanson younger hairstyle

Your hair can really make a difference on your face. So if you are concerned about looking younger, choose a hairstyle that will cut off your age.