Trendy Makeup Ideas

Makeup is one of the best ways to enhance one’s beauty without having to undergo surgery. Natural is always beautiful but make up is just glam which is why a lot of women get hooked on makeup. Now, just because someone uses makeup does not mean she isn’t pretty enough. That’s not true at all. A lot of women like to use makeup just for the heck of it while some wear it to boost their self-confidence. Aside from that, makeup is also one way for a woman to express her style. If you like makeup, here are some trendy makeup ideas that you may want to try out:

  • Ombre lips – you’ve heard about ombre hair, ombre nails, ombre shorts, ombre jeans, now it’s time for ombre lips. Ombre lips are a fun way to add depth and dimension to your lips. It’s a little more difficult to do compared to other ombre styles mentioned but it’s really cool.

ombre lips ombre lips look

  • Bold brows – gone are the days when women’s brows were so scarce you could barely see them underneath all the foundation and concealer. Today, big bold brows are in and it looks like they’re here to stay for quite some time. To keep your brows looking natural, look for a brow pencil / powder color that’s closest to your natural brow color.

bold brows

bold brows look

  • Colored smokey eye – ditch the traditional black smokey eye. If you want something more fun but still sexy and gorgeous, why not try a colored smokey eye? It can be any color you like but of course it would be best if you could go with a color that would really make your eyes pop. Colored smokey eye makeup can be as bright or as dark as you want, depending on where and when you’re going to wear it.

pink smokey eye green smokey eye

  • Cut crease eye makeup – this eye makeup look is slowly but surely making a huge comeback. The cut crease eye makeup look is great if you want perfectly defined eyes. It’s a good eye makeup look if you’re looking for something fierce and bold and it’s perfect as an evening makeup look.

cut crease makeup cut crease eye makeup

  • Berry colored lips – berry colored lips are in this winter. Make your lips look lusciously delightful by putting on a swipe or two of your favorite berry hue and top it off with some lip gloss for extra shine. You can also go for a matte lip if you’re wearing it during the day. Don’t be afraid of going too dark with your berry lips because the darker it is, the sexier it looks.

dark berry lips look dark berry lips