Unique Products Beauty Junkies Will Love to Try

IF you’re a beauty junkie, I’m pretty sure you love hanging out at the mall just to take a look at what’s new in the beauty and makeup section of each and every store. Drugstores are another venue where you probably love hanging out, too, just because the makeup selection there is super wide and most of the products are really cheap. Every now and then, you’ll come across a unique product that will catch your attention, whether it’s because of its packaging, its content, its ingredient or just the whole concept of it in general. I personally love trying out new products all the time because, fortunately, I rarely break out and my skin isn’t very sensitive. Check out these unique products that beauty junkies will love to try when they see them on the shelves.

  • Charcoal products – charcoal isn’t something you would often expect to find in beauty products but recently lots of brands have been coming out with charcoal infused products for their consumers, claiming that charcoal has loads of benefits for us. One particular kind of charcoal that you would see in beauty products is called Binchotan charcoal. This kind of charcoal is originally from Japan and it is being infused in everything from toothbrushes to facial wash and facial mask to pumice for the foot.

binchotan charcoal puff charcoal facial mask

  • Hair shadow – sometimes, our obsession to cover up real age can be really crazy to the point where companies see it as a chance to introduce something new for consumers to spend on. First, it was hair mascara and now we have another one of the latest age-defying products that’s sure to catch your attention: the hair shadow. It looks like eye shadow but it’s meant to be used on hair when you need to touch up on your roots.

roots touch up

gorgeous hair color

  • Silver powder – no, this is not intended to be used as a highlighter substitute on the face. Silver powder is, instead, supposed to be applied on the skin to draw out impurities like black heads and white heads. Just dab it on around your t-zone and/or other problem areas, wait for 10 minutes or so then wipe clean with a cotton ball drenched in toner or cleanser.

mario badescu silver powder beautiful clear skin

  • Eye markers – if you’re one of those women who hate the way most liquid liners work (ugh, the hassle of having to dip the tip and then try to get off just the right amount of excess product before you apply it is just too much work!), I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate these new eye markers which are like Sharpies for the eyes. Eye markers are eyeliners that have a felt tip pen applicator which makes application easier and more precise.

super fat eye marker wing tip precision

  • Breast milk soap – breast milk is good… for babies. But for the skin? I don’t really know. Breast milk soap bars are being sold everywhere online and sellers claim that his beauty product is supposed to make skin feel smoother, look whiter and become healthier. Sure, breast milk is loaded with nutrients and all sorts of goodness but won’t all those be destroyed when you add other chemicals in the mix to make it into soap?

breast milk soap soap for bathing

Have you tried any of these products? Comment below and tell us which ones you’ve tried and which ones you’d want to try.