Updo Hairstyles For Most Awaited Prom Night

Every girl dreams of her prom night to impress her crush or love, you go on and on thinking about what to wear and how to style your hair, its all about dreaming right from the day we hear that prom night is nearing. Here you will find some great updo hairstyles for prom! So what have you planned for your prom night? If you are planning for a classic yet trendy updos, well this post is for you, just go through every style to select the best that will suit your hair type or your dress, almost all these hairstyles will go well with any costume that you wear.

updo with side bangs

Updos with side bangs:

You can style your hair in a loosely tied up hair either a bun or a pony and leave those front side fringes combed as neat layers to the sides, so that they look so stylish and attractive, you needn’t pin those front bangs, let them be let loose.


wavy updo

Wavy updo hairstyles:

you can use curling iron rods to create swift waves and large barrel rods for loose long waves and then pin them into loose buns for a classy look, you can also remove those pins to let your hair flowing like waves at the party.


simple twist

Simple twist updo :

This is a most simple type of updo, which you can easily comb. Take a curling iron barrel and curl your hair to one side of your head and twist it and let the remaining hair be curled at top or tugged in with pins as you wish them to be.


updo ponytail

Updo with ponytail:

Partition your hair in the front and the remaining hair can be lifted high for boosted volume and tied into a ponytail with curls or just straight hair. Wear a hair band for detailed looks and to look even prettier that matches your clothes.


curly updo

Curly updos for prom :

If your hair is straight you can use heat rollers to curl the edges and neatly comb the hair in the front and partition your hair for as many curls you wish and pin them secure with bob pins so that they don’t come out and once its all set into a bun you can adorn them with small beads or flowers.


updo with braids

Updos with side braids:

This hairstyle requires some patience and time to style it perfectly well, as in the picture you can see two braids close to each other, you can also style it with single braid at one side and then pull up into a loose bun that’s curled and pinned well.



Above are some of the suggested updo hairstyles for your most awaited prom night.