Updo Styles for Women On the Go

Updo styles are perfect for women who are always on the go. Ladies who do not have much time to work on their hair before going out should be aware of different updo hairstyles to at least take away the monotony in their appearance.
In case you are also struggling on making your tresses manageable and stylish, you simply have to arrange your hair through modish methods and usage of clips and other accessories. Anything that will keep your hair from falling freely will do just as long as it is done with creativity and modishness. Consider those you see on billboards and TV as your inspiration when fixing your hair and you will never run out of updo ideas to surprise your fellows every day.

updo with braids
Classic updo hairstyles with timeless appeal and ones that you can do in a matter of minutes are:
Updo for formal affairs – Simply pull up your hair and create a warped bun on top of your head, at the side or anywhere that fits your facial features. Pin it with hair clips and use appropriate products to hold and keep it shiny.

Updo for casual days – Braid the sides of your hair and pull up the rest into a bun. Once pinned, coil the braids around the bun for a Greek inspired look.

updo with flowers

Messy but chic updo – Pile your hair on top of your head to create a bun. Leave a few streaks down to frame your face.

messy bun
Messy  locks updo with headband  – Take random strands of hair, twist them and secure with hair pins. Once done, pile them up and use fashionable bands to bind.

updo with headband

Half updo with braids

cute hairdo-with-braid

Stylish updo with 4 braids :

cute updo
Updo hairstyles, when done frequently, can cause damage to your hair. Make sure you let it fall freely from time to time to allow it to breathe. Be careful when putting on hair accessories and when pulling your hair to avoid receding.

cute and big bun