Gorgeous Updos For Shoulder Length Hair

Bored of those usual ponytails, lose hair and simple braids? Why don’t you try updos for shoulder length hair  that will suit any occasion, no matter what the age maybe! Medium hair will suit any type of hairstyle and you can get a sexy look with the right style on, and here lets see some of the best stylish updos that will suit almost all dressing style and even wedding occasion. Are you ready to try these hairstyles?


Layered updos for shoulder length hair:

updo for medium length hair

These are layered updos with front fringes/bangs you can partition your back hair neat and evenly and just lift them up and pin it with a bob pin, let your front bang be neatly tugged behind your ears, this will look stunning and so sexy with any type of costume and appropriate makeup.


Bun with flowers

Messy bun with flowers for medium length hair:

messy bun with flowers

This type of hairstyle will look awesome and stylish on a prom night or any occasion with beautiful long gowns and just curl your hair with rollers or if you naturally have a wavy or curly hair you can try this messy style and adorn it with flowers of any color you like or those that matches your dress color, for flowers are ever cute and beautiful looking.


updo with ponytail

Front updo with a ponytail:

If you are a ponytail lover and still wish to try for an updo, well this is for you, neatly comb your hair and lift it high, make sure not to lift it too high as it may ruin your style, after lifting the front hair, just pin it and wear a high ponytail that will look stunning and cute like a Barbie doll., wear a flowing dress or a short one, anything will look good for this hair style.


curls with accessory

Pinned up curls with accessory:

Planning for a hairstyle on your wedding? Try this one and am sure you will love it, neatly roll your hair with rollers and section it before you roll and pin it high, as many sections you wish to be in that bun, and clip a side accessory to it like chains, row of flowers or stone jewellery, just look at the mirror and you’ll look like a princess.


updos with bangs

Updo with braids and flowers

updo with braids and flowers

Updos with front bangs:

The picture shows kind of messy updo with front bangs, and just like other updo you can try this one and just leave those bangs to flow freely and curl the edges if you wish, you can also try this style if you’ve colored your hair in streaks.

updo with bangs

These are some of the updos for shoulder length hair, you try something new keeping these basic ideas in mind.