Useful Makeup Tips for Olive Skin

Olive skin is one of the most beautiful types of skin tones out there. Women who have olive skin also almost always tend to have brown hair along with really rich and dark brows and lashes. These features are some of the most envied features of olive skinned women by fair skinned ones. Because of these features women with olive skin often do not need a lot of makeup, save for those really special events where it is a must to look extra glamorous. Here are some very useful makeup tips for olive skin that you can use if you’re one the lucky ladies who have this stunning skin tone:

  • Choose the proper foundation – for foundation, go with ones that are gold or yellow based to get a light and natural look and steer clear of those that have pink or blue hues as these may look ashy on your skin. When looking for foundation shades, honey, amber and gold are some of your best bet. Some foundation favorites for olive skinned women include Olay’s Definity Color Recapture in ‘Medium’ and Revlon’s Age Defying Makeup in ‘Golden-Beige’.

flawless olive skin

  • Get the right concealer – if you have flawless skin, you may go ahead and skip this tip but if you’ve got blemishes or even scars to cover, concealer is very important. For olive skinned women, though, finding the perfect concealer proves to be a challenge. Most concealers look gray on olive skin but a lot of women with this skin type swear by concealers with peach undertones Bobby Brown’s corrector to be the best. Makeup For Ever’s Camouflage Cream is also a nice pick if you need to custom blend your concealer as this comes in a palette with 5 different shades.

glowing olive skin highlight on olive skin

  • The perfect blush – when you hear blush, you’d instantly think of rosy pinks and bright coral hues but if you have olive skin, that may not work well for you. Flattering blush colors for olive skin include deeper and darker shades of pink or even browns. These colors are sure to make your cheeks glow. Try NARS Blush in Deep Throat or Torrid or an Estee Lauder blush in Wild Sunset.

kim k olive skin

  • Highlighting – highlighting is a wonderful way to accent your gorgeous facial curves and other stunning features. Finding a highlighter for olive skin is easier compared to looking for foundations or concealers because most highlighters settle either as with a gold or silver highlight and all you really need to do is pick up the ones with gold highlights.

lips red olive skin makeup

  • Skip the bronzer – while we all know that applying a bronzer comes next to highlighting, olive skinned women can skip this part. Bronzer is used to add color to pale / light skin and with that gorgeous complexion, you don’t need any of it!

olive skin

  • Eye makeup – if you’re going for a natural look, black eyeliner and mascara should be enough but if you want to add color to your eyes, go for colors like blue purple or green for eye shadow and avoid pinks and corals.

pink lips on olive skin purple shadow olive skin

  • Go light on your lips – if there’s any place for pink in an olive skinned woman’s makeup routine, it would be in her lips. Light pink shades and natural or nude lipstick colors look very sexy on olive skin, especially with gloss on them. Red, too, makes a great choice since it’s a universally flattering color for lips.

eye color for olive skin