Warm Weather Beauty Woes and How to Solve Them

Along with the warm but welcome temps of spring come some beauty woes we only experience once the cold weather goes away. As much as I love warmer days like these, there are just days when I wish the cold days were back so I don’t have to deal with warm weather beauty woes and I’m pretty sure there are days when you feel the same, too. Good thing, though, we don’t have to just let these dilemmas get us without us having a fighting chance. Here are some of the most popular warm weather beauty woes and how to solve them. Read on, you might just find a solution to your worst beauty problem.

  • Sunburn – sometimes, this is just inevitable, no matter how religious you are about putting sunscreen on. if you’re someone who isn’t already obsessed with slathering sunscreen on half an hour before leaving the house, now is the time to get started! Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and it can prevent sunburn, too. Most sunscreens, however, need to be reapplied every 3 to 4 hours and if you fail to do so while under the sun’s scorching hot rays, sunburn happens. If you do get sunburned despite using sunscreen, though, use cold compress to relieve your skin and follow up with hydrocortisone cream.

glowing summer skin painful sun burn

  • Frizzy hair – thanks to the warm weather, we all get the chance to look like the Lion King a few hours after we step out of the house. The movie may be a cute one but unruly, frizzy hair is never cute! Make sure your hair looks tame and feels soft all the time by conditioning more and shampooing less. Taking a small bottle of hair serum with you all the time and using it on your hair whenever you’re outside can also help prevent frizziness.

frizzy hair faux bob

sexy messy frizzy hair

  • Mosquito bites – they’re super itchy and uncomfortable and they leave ugly spots on your skin. Mosquito bites are not only one of the most annoying beauty woes, they can pose a risk on your health as well. Use mosquito repellants if you’re heading out, especially at night. Citronella oil is effective in keeping mosquitoesat bay and it smells good, too.

lauren conrad flawless skin faded highlight color

  • Faded hair color – if you have color treated hair, you may notice that your colors look a bit faded after a dip in the pool or at the beach. Don’t panic! You can always touch up your color or better yet, prevent them from fading by coating your hair with conditioner next time before you take a dip. Meanwhile, you can prevent your hair color from fading any further by using clarifying shampoo after swimming as clarifying shampoo can get rid of chlorine and sea salt build up which can cause hair color to fade.

faded highlight color faded hair color

  • Melting / caking makeup – this is an easy one but not a lot of women know how to deal with melting or caking makeup. You can keep your makeup from caking or melting in many ways. You can use setting spray after you’re done with your routine, you can use lighter makeup and you can also refresh your makeup with fine mist throughout the day, just like models do.

fresh and light makeup light airy makeup