Ways to Brighten Your Eyes and Make them Look Prettier

The eyes get center stage every time you do your makeup. It’s one of the parts that take up the most of your prep time and it’s also one of the parts that get the most attention from people who see you. A busy lifestyle can have an effect on your eyes. Stress, sleep deprivation, tiredness and more can make your eyes look droopy, dark and unattractive. Bright, lively eyes are gorgeous. They make you look fresh and well rested. Check out our tips on ways to brighten your eyes and make them look prettier.


  • Remove eye makeup before bed – this is one of the simplest and most effective things that you can do to have brighter eyes yet a lot of us don’t do it religiously. One of the reasons why eyes tend to look dark and tired over time is because of the makeup build up that accumulates around the eye areas. Use makeup remover wipes to get most of your eye makeup off and follow up by washing thoroughly. For a simpler but more effective solution, you can also use coconut oil as your makeup remover. It doesn’t only get rid of your eye makeup, it makes the skin around your eye area a lot softer, too.

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  • Use eye drops – red eyes are the biggest telltale signs of being tired and/or sleep deprived. Make sure your eyes always look bright, awake and fresh by using a few drops of eye drops on each eye whenever you feel that they’re starting to dry up. Close your eyes for a few seconds to give them a break. Do this as often as necessary throughout the day.

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  • Eye brightening products – serums, oils, creams, gels – eye brightening products come in these forms and more. If you have dark under eyes, incorporate eye brightening products into your beauty routine and see how much of a difference bright eyes can make. There are also some eye brightening products that come with other benefits such as anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and ones that get rid of puffy eyes so they’re perfect for those who like multi-taking products.

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  • Use makeup – makeup is another easy and instant way to brighten up your eyes. Use products that have a pearlescent finish around the eyes to give it a soft iridescent glow that’s not too overwhelming. If your eyes look tired and droopy, use a few coats of mascara to open them up a little and then use white or silvery eyeliner on the lower waterline to make the eyes look more awake and brighter. You can also use a highlighting concealer to conceal and brighten up dark under eyes at the same time.

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  • Get enough sleep – if you want brighter eyes without having to do so much or put on a lot of products, the solution is simple: sleep. Get enough sleep every night and you’ll have brighter eyes in the long run plus you wouldn’t need to do so much everyday to keep them looking pretty.

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