Ways to Change Your Looks Easily

We all have that one look we’ve sported for lots and lots of years, whether it’s a hairstyle, a haircut, or your sense of fashion and style. And why not? It looks good on you, it flatters you perfectly, and most of all, you’ve mastered all of your good and bad angles for this look. Sometimes, though, when you sport a look for so long, no matter how stylish and gorgeous it is, it tends to look old and dated. Sometimes, too, you simply get bored of it. changing up your looks does not always mean you have to undergo an expensive total makeover. Sometimes, little things can help make a huge difference in your looks, too. For easy ways to change your look, read on below.

  • Part your hair on a different side – if you’re used to wearing your hair parted straight in the middle, try parting it to one side. Experiment and see which side looks best on you, left or right, and try both a shallow and a deep part.

kate hudson middle part kate hudson side part

  • Change your haircut – if you’ve always worn your hair long, why not try going for something short this time, like a bob? One way to tell if it’s going to look good on you is to try on a wig that has the cut you’re aiming for. You can also consult your hairstylist on the kinds of short haircuts and styles that will flatter your face shape best. On the other hand, if you’ve always had short hair, maybe it’s time to grow your hair and wear it long.  If you haven’t got the time or patience to grow your hair, the most natural-looking alternative would be to go for extensions instead.

emma watson short hair

emma watson long hair

  • Add bangs or fringes – not quite ready for a new styl of haircut yet? That’s alright. What you can do to change your looks easily with the same haircut is to simply add bangs of fringes. There are lots of styles of bangs that you can go for – blunt, full, side swept, long, short. Ask your hairstylist which one would look best for you.

j. lo bangs j.lo no bangs

  • Wear red lipstick – red is one of the very few lipstick colors you can wear that suits any skin tone. You can also wear this lip color with any kind of outfit from street casual to dressy formal so matching it with your wardrobe shouldn’t be a problem.  If you’re used to wearing pinks and nudes or berry shades, going for a red lip will surely surprise everyone, including yourself.

kim k nude lips kim k red lips

  • Change up your makeup – everyone loves makeup. It’s one of the easiest ways to conceal flaws and highlight our assets. If you’re someone who always wears soft and subtle makeup, why not shake things up a bit and go a little bolder? Maybe a smokey eye, a dramatic cats eye or some hot pink blush? If you’re someone who like to wear makeup a lot on an everyday basis, though, toning down your makeup will definitely change your looks instantly, making your natural beauty shine more.

taylor swift no makeup taylor swift with makeup