Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Summer

Winter is almost over, beauties! That means summer is right up the corner and that also means a huge and drastic change for your skin. There are lots of factors that can affect the condition of your skin and that include weather and temperature both indoors and outdoors. The transition from winter to summer can actually cause your skin to act up a little bit. Make sure you prevent any more problems with your skin by preparing it for the hot summer weather to come. Here are some tips on ways to prepare your skin for summer:

  • Stock up on sunscreen – this may be a good thing to do now, while sunscreen isn’t needed that much so you’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find them just about anywhere. If you’re lucky you may even find deals on sunscreens that will let you buy a few couple bottles to last you the first few weeks of summer. Sunscreen is important when going out on summer days because it protects your skin from the harsh UV rays.


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  • Clear your skin now – for summer, you’ll want to go as light as possible when it comes to makeup. To make sure you look gorgeous with a very minimal amount of makeup or with no makeup at all one summer hits, it’s best to clear your skin now by cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. This will ensure you that your skin will have that ‘glow’ once summer comes. Do this to your body as well because you’ll be revealing more skin when it starts getting hotter and you’ll want that skin to look healthy and glowing rather than dry and blotchy.

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  • Shave – summer means wearing shorts for days on end and you would want to look like Big Foot on the loose while you’re at the beach, would you? Make shaving a part of your regular routine to keep your legs and other areas silky smooth and flawless-looking. You’ll thank yourself later when you wear all those gorgeous bikinis at the beach.

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  • Drink up – we all know that keeping yourself hydrated is one of the secrets to achieving beautiful skin all year round. This winter, you may find yourself drinking less because you feel less thirsty since you don’t sweat much but do start drinking more water to make sure you have gorgeous glowing skin as early as no. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about dry skin when winter ends and summer begins. You can also drink other fluids, of course, but stay away from diuretics (this includes soda, cola and everything else with caffeine) as this can actually dehydrate you instead of hydrate.

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  • Use a better soap – the soap you are using now may smell like heaven on earth but is it doing its part in taking care of your skin? Most of the time, when a beauty product smells extra good, it means that there are artificial scents in there and most of the time, those scents are in the form of alcohol which can dry up your skin. To prepare your skin for summer, ditch your old soap for something made with more natural oils to make your skin soft and supple.

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