Wearing Maxi Skirts Fabulously

One of the most fashionable clothes you should have in your closet nowadays is maxi skirts. These skirts are as feminine as it can be. A lot of women love this skirt because it is very comfortable and flexible when it comes to the different outfits you can make out of it. This skirt would complement more the women with long, slender legs. Here are some of the maxi skirt outfits women have successfully pulled off.

boho maxi skirt

This skirt is feminine, all right. But this lady here managed to pull off a vintage plus boyish outfit out of it. The army green color of the skirt goes well with the dark blue blazer. The shoes were also a perfect match to achieve this look.

Army Green Maxi Skirt


This black summer maxi skirt is very versatile, as it can be paired with most of the light-colored tops. This off-shoulder white hanging top is also a good match. Accessorize with different sizes of bangles, and a simple long necklace, but don’t put too much accessories on your clothes.

Black Summer Maxi Skirt


Compared with the usual plain designs of maxi skirts, this striped green maxi skirt is different. Women with a large body frame should avoid this skirt as the stripes will make their body seem wider. The skirt was perfectly paired with a plain top to avoid overwhelming the whole outfit.

Green Stripes Maxi Skirt


A grey maxi skirt such as this looks very comfortable and it has been paired with a hanging top. Since both the top and the skirt have plain designs, adding the belt is good so that the whole look won’t be that boring.

Grey Maxi Skirt


This black maxi skirt is not as loose as the other skirts. Adding accessories to this outfit will not hurt either.

Plain Black Maxi Skirt


Sheer maxi skirts have the ultimate feminine effect, just like this layered skirt. It can be paired with a hanging top such as this, or another top which can be tucked in.

Sheer Feminine Maxi Skirt


This sheer black maxi skirt is perfect for those who are going for the gothic style. The top is possible the pair of the skirt. But if you have a skirt like this, you can pair it with a white top and heels to put a change to the gothic maxi skirt outfit.

Sheer Maxi Skirt

Some celebrities and known personalities have also worn maxi skirts, whether they are simply outdoors, or they are at an event. Here are some of them:

She managed to pull off this outfit with the right accessories. Taking off the jacket can also be good.

Daiane Conterato Maxi Skirt


Kate has her chiffon skirt paired with a hanging studded top. No accessories were needed since the top already did the job.

Kate Bosworth Maxi Skirt


Vanessa Hudgens looks carefree with her skirt as she goes outdoors.

Vanessa Hudgens Maxi Skirt


The maxi skirt trend will mostly benefit women with long slender bodies. Since it is a comfortable piece of clothing, maxi skirts is probably here to stay.