Wearing the Aztec Print Trend in Style

The Aztec print trend is so fun and funky that it’s so hard to resist grabbing some items in this cool print. You can’t just walk around the mall without noticing all the pretty little trinkets covered in Aztec print and neither can you just ignore all those fabulous and stylish clothes that also have this very pretty and colorful print.

The Aztec print trend is already a statement, in and of its own, which is why most of the time, they’re paired and worn with simpler and more neutral pieces. If you’d like to give this trend a try but don’t know how to start, here are some tips and suggestions for you.

  • Wear Aztec print leggings – it’s been said so many times before, leggings are not pants. However, when you’ve got something as cute as Aztec printed leggings, it’s fine to wear them as pants (given that you wear a longer top that covers your behind). Pair your colorful leggings with a plain and simple top to make it stand out and keep your accessories to a minimum so that you don’t have too much going on.

leggings outffit aztec leggings aztec

  • Make DIY Aztec print sneakers – got a knack for doing DIY projects? Why not take out a pair of sneakers, bleach them white and use them as your canvass to making your own DIY Aztec print sneakers? This is a fun way of adding lots of color to a simple and casual outfit.

shoes aztec outfit

shoes aztec

  • Try out an Aztec nail art design – if you think that actually wearing the Aztec print trend on your clothes is a little too bold for you, then start with something small and subtle like your nails. Nail art is such a fun and pampering luxury that women love so the next time you go to your favorite nail salon, ask for an Aztec print nail art. It may be subtle but the geometric lines and the gorgeous colors will surely blow you away.

nails aztec print nails aztec

  • Don on an Aztec print dress – feeling like you want to go wild and adventurous with your outfit today? Why not put on a fun and funky Aztec print dress? It’s a one piece showstopper that are sure to get lots of “ooh’s” and “aah’s” from on lookers as you walk by. Make sure to choose a dress with a print that flatters your body type.

dress aztec outfit dress aztec

  • Carry an Aztec print purse – whether it’s a sling, a pouch, a satchel, a pouch or whatever kind of purse, getting an Aztec print one is one of the simplest ways to incorporate the trend in your outfit. it’s also a cool way to add vibrant colors to a simple ensemble or a fun addition if you want to pull off the print-on-print trend.

bag aztec blue clutch beaded aztec