What color should I dye my hair?

You want to change your look but asking yourself ,What color should I dye my hair?Then look at  these tips !

Maybe you’re tired of your natural hair color, or maybe you’re just looking for a new hair hue that can improve your look. Whatever your reason might be, here are two factors you need to consider before you dye your hair.

dark blonde hair color

 Best hair color for me?  -Skin tone

When going for a new hair color, the most important thing that a woman should take into consideration is her hair color. Going gaga over hair dye without determining your skin tone can make you look like a fool!

You have a cool skin tone if you have pale skin, pink skin, or skin with a bluish-red glow. The best hair color for this skin tone is wheat, chestnut brown, ash blonde, or platinum. Stay away from red dyes as these clash with your skin.

auburn-hair-ashlee simpson

If you have olive skin or skin with an olive glow, then you have a medium cool skin tone. To achieve the best look, go for hair colors such as bluish black, deep burgundy red, auburn or dark brown.

Beautiful  and natural looking ombre hair color

sexy ombre hair

If your skin boasts of a golden or peach glow, then you have a warm skin tone. Those with golden tan, peaches and cream, ivory and creamy beige skin tones also fall under this category. If you have a warm skin color, then hair colored with strawberry red dye, beige blonde dye, or a pale golden brown dye can make you look ravishing.

adriana-lima brown hair with highlights

Women with medium warm skin tones usually have a red-yellow skin glow. If you have this skin type, you will look beautiful in copper red, chestnut brown or deep honey blonde tresses.

Beautiful rainbow pastel highlights

rainbow  pastel hair

 What hair color is right for me ?-Eye color

When choosing a new hair color, you should keep in mind your hair eye color, as the wrong choice can make your stunning eyes fade into the background.

ginger hair

Women with warm eye colors have lookers with gold, brown, and green hues. Women with these eye colors should opt for red, brown, or golden hair colors because these shades will make you stand out.

light blue hair

Those with dark brown, black, blue, or gray eyes, on the other hand, have cool eye tones. Hair colors such as ash brown and black will make you look good. Women with cool eye tones are luckier too, because they can pull off rad hair dyes (blue, purple, or pink) in a heartbeat!

pink and black hair

You should consider these two factors before giving your hair a new hue, because not doing so will cover up your great facial features. Dyeing your hair is a costly process which is costlier to reverse, so take your skin and eye tone in consideration before coloring your hair.