What Makeup Should I Wear to Work?

It’s very important that you look pleasing when you are at work. It makes you so much more approachable and professional. Your physical appearance can also contribute to how people will treat you and how they will see you at work. Unless you work in a more creative and fashion-y field, you don’t want anything that’s too heavy or too festive for work appropriate makeup; save those for party nights instead. You want something that is simple and light, just enough to cover up some spots and enhance a few features. Here are some products and makeup that you can wear to work every day:

dewy makeup look

clean makeup look

  • Concealer – if you’ve got some spots that need to be covered up, use a concealer instead of piling up foundation on it. Skip the concealer if there is nothing major to cover.

dewy makeup look

  • BB or CC Creams – these are other great alternatives to wearing foundation. They’re also lighter but they do provide enough coverage and correction. They also don’t cake like a foundation does and they are less likely to melt on your face as you sweat.

fresh makeup

  • Neutral color eye shadows – shades and hues of brown are your best friends when it comes to eye shadow colors that are appropriate for work. A few couple of swishes on each eye won’t hurt. If you want something that will really define your eyes without going overboard, try doing a brown smokey eye.

light makeup

  • Light colored lips – forget MAC’s Ruby Woo or NARS’ Red Lizard and save those bright, bold Lime Crime lippies for the night and go for light pinks, corals and nudes when choosing a lip color for work. Some people look really good with red lipstick on them and if you’re one of those people, consider a lighter red color and top it off with lip gloss instead.

light natural makeup

  • Blush – a little splash of color on the cheeks is sometimes all that you really need to look more alive. Put on a light blush color that suits your skin tone well.

natural makeup look

  • Brow powder and gel – if you’ve got sparse eyebrows fill them in using brow powder instead of a pencil liner. Brow powder is lighter and looks much more natural. Set your brows with clear brow gel to make sure they don’t go astray throughout the day.

lovely light makeup

  • Mascara – Don’t even think about putting those drag queen falsies on for work. If you want some eye definition, a couple of coats of mascara on each eye won’t hurt.

natural makeupnice and light makeuo