What Sunscreen Should You Use?

Though you need to use sunscreen every single day, you seem to be reminded more of this every summer when the sun is at its hottest and its brightest. Sunscreen is something you shouldn’t take for granted if you want to take care of your skin and keep it healthy in the long run. It doesn’t take much to apply sunscreen before you head out the door every morning and with so many options that you can choose from today – from lotions to creams to gels and even sprays, using sunscreen has become even easier and more convenient. Now, just because it’s easy to find sunscreen everywhere doesn’t mean you should use just whatever you can get your hands on. Different skin types call for different kinds of sunscreen. So, what sunscreen should you use? Read on below and find out.

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  • FOR OILY SKIN – women with oily skin should stick to sunscreens that are oil-free so as not to trigger or worsen their skin condition. In general, it would be best to avoid any type of sunscreen that has thick consistency and just opt for those that are lightweight. If you can, try to find sunscreens that are especially formulated for oily skin. Some of these are even made to help mattify your complexion so that would help a lot if you’re using your sunscreen underneath your makeup.

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  • FOR COMBINATION SKIN – finding the sunscreen that’s perfect for you should be easy breezy. If one of your concerns is having an oily T-zone area, you can opt for sunscreen that’s formulated for oily skin as the ones mentioned above. Otherwise, you can go with just about any type of sunscreen that you like. A lot of women tend to pick a sunscreen by considering the consistency of the formulation. Some like their sunscreens thick while others prefer the lighter ones that you almost can’t feel when you have it on.

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  • FOR DRY SKIN – dry skin is a little tricky to find sunscreens for. You’ll want something that’s not too thick / heavy that feels greasy but you don’t want something very light either as these may not be able to work their way into your skin properly. Most women with dry skin find that creamy sunscreens work best. You’ll also want to look for a sunscreen with added benefits of moisturizing so it treats your skin and protects it from the sun all at the same time. Read the labels and look for glycerin and ceramides in the list of ingredients when looking for sunscreens for dry skin.

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  • FOR NORMAL SKIN – women with normal skin are lucky because there’s not much to worry about when looking for a sunscreen that you can use on your skin. You’ll just want something that you’re comfortable with when it comes to texture, consistency and, for some, scent. You also get to experiment with the many different forms of sunscreen because you don’t have skin issues to deal with. At least try to get a broad spectrum sunscreen, though, because this is the type that works best in protecting your skin from the sun.

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