What to Wear with Red Lipstick

A red lip is a bold, fierce look that anyone can pull off. Yes, anyone can wear a red lip and look good in it, no matter what skin tone. If you’re looking for a quick fool-proof go-to look, you can always just wear a red lip and you’re ready to go. This look is one of the most popular looks you’ll see on every woman, even on celebrities and models. Though you can totally rock red lipstick on its own, you’ll always look way better if you pair it up with the right makeup look. So, what to wear with red lipstick, you ask? Check out our tips down below to get an idea of what would look good with a sexy red lip.

  • Flawless face – what good is a sexy red lip if your face is full of flaws? Not that you need to be perfect or anything but if you plan on wearing a red lip and want to keep it down to a minimum, at least use a concealer and some foundation to cover up any blemishes and get a flawless face. A red lip just looks so much hotter when paired with a gorgeous unblemished face. Besides, you’ll want to hide even the slightest blemish because the boldness of the red lip can draw attention to them real well.

flawless makeup flawless

  • Simple eye makeup – one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of women make when wearing bold red lipstick is that they do a dramatic look with their eyes as well like a super smoky eye. This is just way too much makeup statement for one look. If you’re wearing red lipstick, the best thing to do with your eyes is a simple look. You’ll find that eyeliner and a few coats of mascara is often enough to wear with red lipstick. If you can’t go without shadow, opt for light neutrals shades that are a bit sheer.

eye makeup

eye eye makeup simple

  • Cat eye liner look – if you’re looking for the ultimate retro pin-up look, look no further because a red lipstick and a black liquid liner is all you need. The retro pin-up look is actually quite easy. Start with a flawless face and just do a simple cat eye look then get your red lips on and you’re ready to go. If you haven’t already mastered the cat eye look, you can always start by lining eyes closest to the lash line and then adding a flirty flick of liner by the outer corner. Remember not to let the flick get too long, otherwise, you’ll end up looking cray.

retro pinup retro

  • Lip liner – let’s not forget the most basic thing to wear with a red lipstick: a lip liner! If you’ve got some great quality red lipstick in your hands, you can actually opt to skip this one but if you find that your red lipstick tends to bleed on you, then a lip liner is a must. Make sure you get a lip liner that matches the shade of your red lipstick correctly. Sporting different lipstick and lip liner shades will have you ending up with a two-toned lip look. Can’t find a liner to match your lipstick color? Get a nude lip liner instead. This will help give your red lipstick a beautiful payoff.

lip liner lip liner and lipstick lipliner