Who Can Wear Red Lipstick

Red lipstick has been a favorite for many women in a very long time. it’s one of those lip colors that you can wear anytime, anywhere without looking ‘too made up’ or under prepared. Some women tend to shy away from wearing red lipstick because they think it makes them look too mature, too cheap or too snobby. However, the simple solution to that is just to find the right shade of red for you. The kind of red lipstick that works for your friend may not be the one that would look best on you so make sure to explore different shades and brands. As for the question on who can wear red lipstick, the answer is ‘anyone’. Anybody who wishes to wear red lipstick can certainly do so as long as they pick the right shade for them. Here’s a little guide on who can wear red lipstick and how to wear it:

  • Women with cool complexion – women with cool complexion are those who have pink, violet or blue undertones to their skin. If you have a cool complexion you’re lucky! You can wear almost any shade of red lipstick and be able to get away with it. Dark and warm shades with hints of plum will look very chic and sophisticated on you while any red lipstick in a warm shade is perfect for everyday use. Take advantage of this and stock up on various shades of red lipstick. They will come in handy when you get tired of pinks and nudes.

matte berry plum red lipstock

  • Women with warm complexion – on the other hand, women with warm complexion are a bit more limited when it comes to choosing shades of red lipstick. Any red lipstick with a cool base should be kept at bay. If you have warm complexion, you should go for red lipsticks with warmer tones as well. Something along the lines of brick red or rusty red are the ones that will complement your complexion the most.

red lip

red lipstick

  • Women with fair skin – women with fair skin will look very gorgeous with a red lipstick that has a coral-y shade / tint to it. It’s a nice, bright color that’s not too loud and overpowering so you can wear it on a day to day basis. Darker shades of red are okay, too, but they tend to look very dramatic on fair skin.

red rich red lipstick

  • Women with medium skin – women with medium skin tend to have gorgeous gold undertones. If you have medium skin, make sure to grab one or two red lipsticks that have a cranberry-ish tint to them the next time you go shopping. This is the shade of red lipstick that would look best on you. it’s very subtle but not unnoticeable.

shiny red lipstick stunning red

  • Women with dark skin – if you are a woman who has dark skin and you’re looking for the perfect shade of red lipstick that will look good on you, try to stay away from bright and bold reds as well as those that have an orangey hue. Instead, go for red lipsticks that have warm, deep and rich colors like burgundy, red wine, or warm brick.

warm red bright red lipstick