Why Should You Get a Headband Bandana?

Headand bandanas have become common in the fashion world. They’ve become so extremely popular that you just can’t hit the streets without seeing at least one girl wearing it. it’s crazy because this style / trend is another one of those that have resurfaced from way back. Indeed trends will come and go and you’ll never know what will emerge or resurface next. Some people are not convinced in wearing headband bandanas and if you’re one of them, read on to see why you should consider getting a headband bandana.

  • They’re cheap – unlike fancy hair accessories, headband bandanas would cost you about a dollar to three, tops. This can be an encouraging reason to try plus if you like them, you can get different designs without burning a hole in your pocket.

yellow bandana

polka dot bandana

  • They’re convenient – headband bandanas are so easy to use you can practically put them on while you’re walking out to your car, while waiting in traffic or whenever you  have, literally, a minute because that’s all it really takes.

plain bandana headband

cher bandana

  • They’re versatile – depending on what you wear with them and how you style your hair while wearing them, lots of different looks can be achieved by wearing a bandana. Some pin up curls, clean cat eye makeup and red lipstick with a bandana headband, for example, will give you a retro look.

blue bandanabandana headband gang

  • Great way to cover up a bad hair day – having a bad hair day is just unacceptable. Even if you have nowhere special to go or no one to meet, the thought of looking like Lion King with frizzy hair all around your head is still not very cute. A simple solution to this would be to keep your hair in a bandana headband. Fold your bandana slightly wider than you would to cover more hair.

boho bandana

pink hair bandana

  • They look better than regular headbands – headbands are so common. If you want to stand out from the crowd, ditch the regular headband and go for bandana headbands instead. They’re not exactly very well embellished but the variety of prints that bandana headbands come in give you lots to choose from.

rihanna bandanagirly bandana

Bandana headbands are very stylish and popular, you just have to know how to wear them and as for inspiration, you have celebrities and the Internet for that. So, the next time you go shopping, why not consider getting yourself at least one bandana headband to try? Just give it a chance and who knows? You might like it and decide to buy some more.