Winter Skin Care Tips

Every year, winter just gets colder and colder and we combat the freezing temps with steaming showers, dipping temps and controlled indoor heat leaving us with nothing but dry, chapped skin which can be such a pain to deal with. winter is one of the seasons that can cause so much problems on your skin, not only on the face but on the whole body as well. These problems can be as small as dry skin and as bad as cold rash or even frost bite. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to keep your skin soft and supple despite the freezing winter temperature so read on below and see how you can protect your skin against the harsh winter weather.

  • Hydrate yourself – the number one thing that you should do to prevent dry skin is to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3. The essential fatty acids aid and boost hydration so make sure to load up on good eats like salmon and walnuts. You can also take supplements to make sure you get enough goods.

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  • Get milk-based or creamy cleansers – cleansers that are creamy or have a milk base have less stripping surfactants compared to your regular gel cleanser. These types of cleansers are richer and they do a better job at holding and retaining water in the skin. Use your milk / creamy cleanser with a cream balm instead of lotions for best results. Cream insulates the skin and that’s what you want if you’re constantly exposing yourself between very cold outdoor weather and very warm and drying indoor temps.

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  • Scalp care – problems can arise in the scalp area during winter if you don’t adjust your hair and scalp care routine. One of the problems you can get from the cold weather is dandruff. The key to avoiding dandruff in winter time is to prevent your scalp from going dry and flaky and you can do that by switching from your regular shampoo and conditioner combo to a more moisturizing and hydrating kind.

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  • Get a milk bath every now and then – aside from milk-based cleansers, bathing in actual milk can also help prevent your skin from cracking, especially in the arms and legs. These parts of our bodies have fewer oil glands which makes them more prone to dryness and cracking. You don’t need a full tub of milk to prevent this winter skin dilemma. Just add two cups of milk to your warm bath every now and then and you’re sure to keep your skin soft.

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  • Moisturize – moisturizing is not only done to the face but on the whole body as well. Get moisturizers with ingredients like vit. E, shea butter or tea tree oil as these work very well in preventing dry and chapped skin.

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  • Exfoliate with care – exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin cells and that helps in allowing moisturizers to penetrate the skin better to give you more radiant looking skin. However, do exfoliate with caution in winter. daily exfoliation can dry out your skin more than help keep it soft. Once a week should be enough for winter time exfoliation.

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