10 Incredible Fashion Inspirations From Zhou Xun

Although she is not yet a household name in the United States, Zhou Xun has been a permanent figure in the film and music scenes of her native land China. And on Chanel’s Roman Métiers d’Art show that happened a couple of weeks back, Zhou Xun was the standout figure in the front row. Donning a white ruffled lace piece that was straight off the brand, Chanel’s couture runway, she immediately captured the attention of every fashion photographers and editors in the room.

zhou xun chanel

But that’s not it, she was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld as Chanel’s brand ambassadress way back in 2011. This only shows that Zhou Xun has a very selective taste in her wardrobe. Keeping only to elegant looks drenched with modernness and some ounces of classic essence, her personal style is definitely one that could be an inspiration to modern classic ladies and any other fashion-forward women.

Here are 10 incredible fashion inspirations from Zhou Xun.

    Bundle up during the winter and fall with great pieces layered into one outfit. Zhou Xun’s take on the classic casual street style? She is keeping to solid garments in dark and deep colors with some accented light neutral colors that will blend in beautifully to her outfit. Don’t make your outfit look too sharp or too loose. Slip on some fitted clothes but also pair it up with pieces that does not hug you.
    zhou xun casual look | Aelida zhou xun casual | Aelida
    Edgy is often associated with leather jackets and other androgynous pieces that gives a masculine feel to your outfit. And while Zhou Xun is all game for that, in the two outfits below, she chose going for pieces that, while they do have that prominent edginess in them, are very much feminine and contemporary.
    zhou xun edgy girly | Aelida zhou xun edgy and feminine | Aelida
    In the two looks below, Zhou Xun took to preppy in a very different route. There are certainly some elements of the preppy style in the looks like the patterned blazer and the blouse with a ruffled baby collar. But then there is also a sense of contemporary feel to her outfits that doesn’t make them the typical preppy look. She added dark colors and timeless and versatile pieces like the black blazer and dark washed jeans that adds to the modern look.
    zhou xun preppy | Aelida zhou xun preppy casual | Aelida
    Surely, Zhou Xun’s looks in the red carpet are 5 levels up on her regular street style looks. But we’ve found that while her style permanently stands at the timelessness and contemporary, Zhou Xun is certainly flexible with how much “noise” her outfit exudes. She can don an outfit with glittered top and loud printed bottom and also a simple solid colored dress in minimalist tailoring. And she would still look fine and spectacular.
    zhou xun evening | Aelida zhou xun formal | Aelida
    Zhou Xun could also do rather well with handling textured pieces that have glitters or are made of silky fabrics. Her take on this, and we should definitely follow her suit, is to keep a glitzy, heavily textured outfit monochromatic. Don’t put glitters and neon colors in one look. This would end up looking too overwhelming on you.
    zhou xun textured | Aelidazhou xun glittered top