10 Street Style Looks Inspired from Lily Aldridge

You know her as an American model who is part of the well known Secret Angels of the famous luxury lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. And in the recent fashion show of Victoria’s Secret that happened this month, it was she who wore the famous Fantasy Bra. Her name, of course, is Lily Aldridge.

And in celebration to her being the Fantasy Bra model this year, let’s have a look back to some of Lily Aldridge’s best looks that, while they may not be at par with the level of glamour that the Fantasy Bra holds, are pretty fantastical in their own rights. Scroll down and enjoy 10 street style outfit ideas that are inspired from Lily Aldridge.

1. Put a touch of feminine goodness into what was supposed to be a dark and edgy outfit by incorporating clothes in soft shades like what Lily Aldridge did below.

Lily Aldridge blush top

2. Put an exciting spin on your dull all-basic attire with fun and eye-catching prints like the animal printed scarf and flats Lily Aldridge donned in her simple model off-duty look.

Lily Aldridge animal print

3. You can make people forget about how sloppy a coverall could be if you choose a coverall in dark color and shiny smooth fabric like what Lily Aldridge did. Leaving a couple of upper buttons undone also adds up in creating an ounce of sultriness to the coverall outfit. Accessorize with well-structured clutch and sleek shoes.

Lily Aldridge coveralls

4. Make travelling look and feel wonderful in a comfy yet absolutely stylish ensemble for going to the airport. To pull off something as sleek and stylish like Aldridge’s attire, keep the accessories to a minimum and think minimalist.

Lily Aldridge airport style

5. Sometimes, a simple getup is enough especially when you are only strolling through the streets with your friends during the day. Do what Lily Aldridge and have one statement piece in your outfit. In her case, it’s that rad pair of boots.

Lily Aldridge Street Casual

6. It simply is not that easy to create a look so hybrid as this ensemble of Lily Aldridge–that’s model off-duty and outre in one monochromatic look. To create an I’m-not-in-the-mood-for-dressing-up look that’s as seamless as this, choose clothes with clean and simple lines and, if going for monochromatic, clothes in different hues.

Lily Aldridge all white

7. Here is another monochromatic look of Lily Aldridge that you want to take note of. Sometimes, the littlest of details can affect the outfit in its entirety. In this case, that beaded accents on the blazer disrupts the dull solidity of the all-black outfit and adds texture.

Lily Aldridge all black

8. Getting ready for a formal brunch with your family? If we’re following Lily Aldridge’s suit here, it’s all about the little details. Pick a day dress with elegant accents just like the one she wore below and let that shine through. No overwhelming accessories.

Lily Aldridge dress

9. For going to the bar or club with your friends in a girl’s night out, here’s a great look that is perfect for an evening casual event. Keep your silhouette simple as well as your accessories. A sleeveless crop top paired with a high-waisted pants will give out a feisty yet very feminine impression.

Lily Aldridge crop top and tailored pants

10. You would think that pulling off a monochromatic layered look like this is impossible and would result to looking too bulky but Lily Aldridge did it. The key here is the different kinds of prints and patterns that adds up texture to the overall outfit.

Lily Aldridge layered outfit