11 Street Style Looks Inspired From Cressida Bonas

She’s widely known as Prince Harry’s recent ex-girlfriend. But beyond that, she is a British actress and model. And most likely, one of the rising it girls in U.K. Cressida Bonas.

Cressida Bonas’s sense of style may not be as daring and bold as those of Rihanna and Rita Ora. But it’s within the spectrum of fellow model and British it girl, Cara Delevingne, only Cressie’s is a tad bit more conservative. Her style consists of a beautiful mix of athleisure and chic that makes her such a wonderful style inspiration.

Cressie Bonas dresses for comfort but with an obvious fashionable look and this is what her personal style is. Here are 11 street style looks inspired from Cressida Bonas.

1. Brighten up a what would have been an ordinary and normcore outfit by slipping on a bright colored jacket and bright sneakers.

Cressida Bonas coral jacket | Aelida

2. Here’s a simple festival-ready look with blue mirrored sunglasses, loose tank top and overalls. It’s a ragged look that is so fitting for the summer or when going outside on a sunny day.

Cressida Bonas overalls and tank top | Aelida

3. Cressida just created a perfect fall and winter everyday look here with a dark knitted jacket and a monochromatic outfit. This is perfect to blondes like Cressida.

Cressida Bonas monochromatic outfit | Aelida

4. A perfect outfit for when you are going to the gym especially when it is not so cold outside: a pair of slouchy track pants and crop top. But with the athleisure style trending this year, you can wear this outfit even if you’re not going to the gym.

Cressida Bonas track pants and crop top | Aelida

5. Cressida Bonas certainly did nail the denim on denim trend by wearing a multi-tonal denim shirt and a denim jeans in a darker wash. This is a simple double denim outfit for a casual look every day.

Cressida Bonas double denim | Aelida

6. This all-black ensemble of Cressida Bonas is such a versatile outfit. She got away from using leather leggings as an alternative for pants because her outfit was monochromatic and also because of the presence of that long coat. This outfit can be worn during date nights or when going to a concert or can also be an outfit when riding an airplane.

Cressida Bonas all-black | Aelida

7. Here’s a fall-appropriate way of wearing a dress. For one thing, the dress is dark-colored and also Cressida is wearing opaque tights underneath. The ensemble could have made Cressida look like a Sunday school girl with that simple black headband and the knee-length of the dress but her worn leather boots give off a ragged look to the outfit instead.

Cressida Bonas pinstripe dress | Aelida

8. With the pure intent of dressing for comfort, Cressida Bonas paired up a feminine flowing blue dress with white sneakers. She definitely lived up to her athleisure personal style and got away with it.

Cressida Bonas dress and sneakers | Aelida

9. Cressida Bonas shocked everyone when she came out wearing a casual attire of shirt and pants on a red carpet.  But she still kept a feminine touch with her wind-swept hair and gorgeous hoop earrings.

Cressida Bonas athleisure outfit | Aelida

10. Here’s another thing that Cressida taught us: always have a trusty pair of dressy wedged sandals with you. If you are going to a formal party and you don’t want to wear a pair of stilettos, you can always use your wedged heels instead. They boost your height while keeping you comfortable all throughout the night.

Cressida Bonas dress and wedges | Aelida

11. I’ve already mentioned how jumpsuits are a great alternative for dresses in a formal event. Go for jumpsuits with simple cuts like Cressida Bonas has below and pair it up with simple and minimalist jewelries. This way, it will give off an elegant aura to your outfit.

Cressida Bonas black jumpsuit | Aelida