12 Street Style Outfit Ideas From Jamie Chung

You might have seen her as Mulan in the hit TV show, Once Upon A Time. And she also voiced one of the nerdy heroes of Big Hero 6, GoGo Tamago. Jamie Chung is an extremely talented actress but not only that, she is also a very inspiring street style muse and a lifestyle blogger.

She has a blog, What The Chung?, which she uses as a creative outlet to share about what happens in her life. And she also poses for some pictures to share what her OOTD.

From: whatthechung.com

Jamie Chung’s style is definitely simple, polished and feminine. But with these street style looks we’ve found of hers, I’m sure you could find a look or an outfit that will suit your personal fashion. Here are 12 street style outfit ideas inspired from Jamie Chung’s street style wardrobe.


As mentioned earlier, Jamie Chung’s outfit always has the presence of femininity in them. And the best and easiest thing to incorporate to add a little bit of femininity to your outfit is floral prints. Here’s something you can learn from Jamie’s relaxed style: when you want it casual, match the floral printed garment with basic and neutral-colored clothes.

Jamie Chung lacy top and floral pants

Jamie Chung floral top and cutoff shorts


Even when fall is coming, we still have not completely let go of our sundresses and take them away to storage for the winter. So wear them as much as you can now. But when it’s starting to get cold, you can try to transition your favorite sundress into the early days of fall season by slipping on a chic and equally feminine blazer.

Jamie Chung mix prints sundress

Jamie Chung sundress and blazer and boots


I’ve also mentioned how another one of the definite theme on most of Jamie Chung’s street style outfits is that they are polished. And while Jamie admittedly said she was an accessories kind of girl, it’s obvious that there are moments when she lays off accessories for a while to create that sleek and minimalist look.

Jamie Chung white dress and strappy sandals

Jamie Chung v-neck top and asymmetric skirt


Jamie Chung is pretty flexible with her personal style but the girlishness is always there.  For those who are in the mood to be a little edgy and grungey, take an inspiration or two by incorporating certain established edgy and grungey clothes like camo pants and bomber jacket into an outfit that speaks of your own style. May that style be preppy, sleek or, like Jamie, feminine.

Jamie Chung bomber jacket and leather pants

Jamie Chung camo pants and leather coat


Take a breather from all the statement and ultimately attention-grabbing outfits and relax. Grab your favorite loose shirt and pants. Just remember to keep certain points in your outfit fitted so as not to swamp up your wonderful figure. Particularly, maintain a well-defined waist. If you have one, choose a loose slacks that has a tailored hem. If not, cuff them. Also, a pair of pointy heels will give a hint of sharpness to what’s supposed to be a generally loose look.

Jamie Chung waist-tied top and printed pants

Jamie Chung checked top and wide-legged pants


From what we’ve learned from Jamie Chung’s street style wardrobe, the key pieces for a preppy outfit are: oversized or men’s suit jacket, white buttoned-up shirt, a chic tailored blazer, and oxford shoes. As long as you have at least two of these pieces, you will be able to pull off something slightly preppy.

Jamie Chung tailored shorts and buttoned up shirt

Jamie Chung men's jacket and knee high boots


Here’s what you want for Sunday brunch: weekend comfortable yet fancy. And that’s the dilemma, isn’t it? Because most comfortable clothes are not fancy-looking and most fancy-looking clothes aren’t usually comfortable to wear. So here is Jamie Chung’s take on it: add one, just one, piece or accessory that definitely screams fancy to an otherwise comfy ensemble. Whether it’s that fancy purse you have or a well-tailored blazer.

Jamie Chung blazer and printed mini skirt

Jamie Chung palm print top and skirt


Matching sets have been getting increasingly popular and fashionable recently. And the most feminine way of wearing it is in a crop top and midi pencil skirt. It’s girly yet polished.

Jamie Chung striped matching set

Jamie Chung floral matching set


Get sleek and structured in the office. But add a little softness to your tailored work attire just like Jamie Chung did below. A drapey tank top or a flowing wide-legged pants would do. This would create the impression that while, yes, you’re a powerful woman in the office. But, deep down, you are still a female with the soft curves and graceful movements of your body.

Jamie Chung red blazer tank top and pencil skirt

Jamie Chung light brown blazer and all-white matching set


You could be doing some monochromatic scheme just like Jamie Chung did on the two outfits below. And, yes, monochromatic attires can be too dull or boring. However, it won’t be if you have enough ounce of glittery and metallic, some tassled-hemline or bold prints, and a really funky high ponytail.

Jamie Chung metallic dress

Jamie Chung glittery party outfit


In the fashion world, festival season is generally all about wearing as many accessories as you can carry on your neck, wrists and head, skimpy and liberating Bohemian-inspired ensembles, and flowers. Lots of flowers. But for those of you who want to aim to look a little classy while not becoming a festival-pooper, you could go well by hinting a little Bohemian in your festival look.  A clean lacy maxi dress but paired with sleek accessories is as classy as festival outfits could get.

Jamie Chung crop top and boaters hat

Jamie Chung calf-length dress and boots


Yes, fall is coming. So you might want to start up some layering into your outfit. You could start off by slipping on a two-toned trench coat over your standard shirt-and-pants ensemble. Or pull on your leggings underneath that silk dress and don a moto jacket. Just basic warm items; don’t overdo it–you’ll spoil the fun of doing so for this coming winter.

Jamie Chung blue jacket in all-black outfit

Jamie Chung layered outfit