12 Street Style Outfit Ideas From Kendall Jenner

You see her grow up from being the little half-sister of Kim Kardashian and stars in Entertainment Weekly’s reality television series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Now, Kendall Jenner hits the runway as one of the rising models in the fashion world. Not only that, she is fast becoming a permanent part of the streets–a street style muse like fellow models Cara Delevingne, Miranda Kerr and even her sister, Kylie Jenner, who is known for her rebellious sartorial streak.

Kendall, on the other hand, goes for a more comfortable and chic style. And there’s a lot you ladies could learn from this emerging model. Here are 12 street style outfit ideas you can get from Kendall Jenner.

  1. Monochromatic Chic
    Only two colors are out in this outfit: black and nude. And this particular outfit combination is a wonderful application to the two common height-boosting tips. It’s a wonderful coincidence that Kendall’s shopping bag is nude color, too.
    neutral colors outfit Kendall Jenner
  2. Polished Print
    One thing that Kendall Jenner oh-so flawlessly and effortlessly pulls off is wearing prints in a neat way. The prints, like the one in this particular outfit, that she wears create a polished and chic look rather than a loud and bold one. To achieve this, opt for standard prints such as checks and stripes.
    checked top Kendall Jenner
  3. Easy French Riviera
    This certain outfit is not only exclusive for the French Riviera. You could wear this ensemble as a casual outfit anywhere when the weather is warm. It’s basically an easy and comfortable outfit during the summer.
    french riviera outfit Kendall Jenner
  4. Comfortably Ragged
    Kendall Jenner’s style could easily be described as relaxed chic. And if you want to take lessons on how to look ragged chic, take it from Kendall: a white shirt, ripped jeans cuffed and loose, and a pair of boots. To add the small amount of polished feel to the outfit slip on a structured purse.
    white shirt and ripped jeans Kendall Jenner
  5. Classy in Camel Colored Coat
    Wear a tailored camel trench coat over what would have been a normcore sweater and pants outfit. The coat will add a little structured flair to the outfit that will make it ideal for traveling.
    camel trench coat Kendall Jenner
  6. Doing Metallic Right
    Metallic garment will definitely catch the attention of every eye that passes by but how do you own it? Kendall Jenner’s answer? Pair it with a dull skirt and a pair of sneakers. It’s a little of everything that, when mixed, turns to a whole different thing itself. It’s gorgeous.
    metallic crop top and skirt and sneakers Kendall Jenner
  7. Menswear-Inspired Chic
    When wearing oversized, menswear-inspired clothes you have to take into consider what you will be pairing it with. Pair them with anything slim-fitting like the all-black outfit underneath the white oversized suit jacket Kendall Jenner wore.
    boyfriend suit jacket under all-black outfit Kendall Jenner
  8. Shiny Attention Down Below
    If you aren’t up for making the effort of dressing up, slip on a statement sneakers and take the most comfortable and basic clothes you own so that the attention will drift towards your funky footwear.
    dressy top and metallic shoes Kendall Jenner
  9. Standard Semi-formal
    Make those standard top and jeans outfit appropriate for business lunch by slipping on a tailored white blazer and structured bag. Turn that outfit into party-appropriate by slipping n those funky shoes.
    basic outfit and statement shoes Kendall Jenner
  10. White Done Right
    Surround a chic white pants with an entire black garments to match. The result is wonderfully contrasting.
    all black outfit and white pants Kendall Jenner
  11. Subtle Proportionality
    I did not notice this until I wondered why most of Kendall Jenner’s street style outfits are crop top, high-waisted, and belly-showing: she has a longer body in relative to her legs. But she took subtle proportions to measure and that wasn’t obvious at all! That’s an example of illusion with fashion, folks!
    plaid crop top and jeans Kendall Jenner
  12. Coachella Look
    Take the cue from Kendall Jenner for your next Coachella outfit: high-waisted and flared pants, off-shoulder crop top, and that kinda-messy tousled hair.
    Kendall Jenner coachella look