4 Amazing and Stalk-worthy Celebrities on Instagram

With all the social media and photo-sharing platforms that are available today, celebrities are able to connect to their fans more easily. Instagram is one of the newest, most popular social media platforms where you get to share snapshots of your life for the world to see. Here, you can use #hashtags which let other people search for your pictures or other photos similar to yours by using a keyword attached to a pound sign. Celebrities are no stranger to social media platforms like this. A lot of celebs are able to inspire and connect to their fans and friends via Instagram. If you’re looking for celebs to follow, check out our list of stalk-worthy celebrities on Instagram whose posts will inspire you to get moving and do something.

  • Lea Michele (@msleamichele) – we’ve seen her go through one f the saddest and most painful moments of her life as she suffered the loss of her lover and friend, Cory Monteith but that didn’t stop her from inspiring people, especially those who look up to her. On her Instagram account, Lea posts pictures of fun times with her family and friends to whom she has turned to for help and support during her times of grief. Today, you’ll see a stronger and happier Lea who can remind you that there’s so much more to live for after the loss of a loved one and that’s why we love to take a peek of her Instagram page all the time.

lea m lea michele lea

  • Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens) – it’s always so nice to see how celebs live their lives when the cameras are not around and when we took a look at Vanessa’s Instagram page, we were even more surprised to see that she posts photos that are just like that of any other girl’s. Selfies, wacky pictures and girly stuff like manicures and funny pictures abound on Vanessa’s Instagram page. She also has some videos up that you’ll find fun and entertaining, most of them are either from rehearsals or workout sessions.

vanessa vanessa hudgens

  • Jamie Chung (@jamiejchung)– looking for a celeb inspiration to motivate you in getting fit? Visit Jamie Chung’s Instagram page and you’ll want to start running in a heartbeat. Jamie’s sexy body and slender physique is indeed something a lot of us would envy but luckily, the secret to her to-die-for bod is all over her Instagram page and that is running. Photos from her daily runs are all over her page and from there you’ll also see all the amazing outfits she puts together every day. Fashion and fitness inspiration in one – that’s what you’d get from Jamie Chung’s stalk-worthy Instagram page.

jamie c jamie jamie chung

  • Gisele Bundchen (@giseleofficial) – oh, the glamorous life of a supermodel! Aren’t you just so glad Instagram was created? Through this app, we get to see how glamorous supermodels like Gisele Bundchen are like while off duty. Gisele’s Instagram pictures show that supermodels like her don’t always live the glamorous life and that they do enjoy simple things like hanging out with family and enjoying quiet time at home as well as relaxing by doing yoga posts anywhere and everywhere. Okay, the last statement isn’t really something all of us do but to all the yogis out there it sure can be inspiring.

gisele gisele b