4 Major Celebrity Transformations That Will Inspire You

It’s not almost 2 months since the holiday season ended. Have you lost all the extra pounds you’ve gained since then? There’s really nothing wrong with a few couple of pounds being added on every now and then but when these ‘few couples’ get stored and accumulate, they result in major weight gain which may affect you, your health and the way  you work. If you’ve been meaning to shed off the extra weight you’ve gained but can’t seem to just do it quite yet, check out these major celebrity transformations that will inspire you to lose weight.

  • Jessica Simpson – pregnancy naturally makes us women gain weight but there is a healthy limit to that. Being pregnant is not a license to pig out, eat what you want and neglect exercise. If you’ve ever seen a photo of Jessica Simpson while she was pregnant, you would have probably been able to tell that the weight she gained while pregnant was not in that average ‘healthy’ bracket limit. However, after giving birth, Jess really stepped up her game and did what she can to lose the baby weight and the excess luggage and in a very reasonable and realistic amount of time, she got her sexy bod back. Now, Jessica is the new face of Weight Watchers, the same company that helped her achieve the healthy and sexy new body she sports today.

jessica simpson jessica jessica simpson 2

  • Miley Cyrus – who doesn’t envy Miley’s perfectly sculpted body in her recent music videos? I know I do. From being the cute girl with chubby cheeks, Miley is now well on her way to becoming one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood. Cyrus says she credits the incredible transformation to her dedication for working out as well as eating a healthy diet. Now, if she would only polish up a bit more, she’d surely be on every magazine cover.

miley cyrus miley

  • Christina Aguilera – back in the 90s, Christina Aguilera entered the music scene and came into the spotlight and from there she became the amazing songstress we all love and adore today. Though Christina Aguilera was in no way close to being obese, she sure was curvy. Today, though, she rocks a totally sexier and more fit and healthy looking body. A lot of people speculate that she went under the knife to get the body she has now while others come to her defense saying she worked hard for it fair and square by exercising and dieting.

christina christina aguilera

  • Jordin Sparks – if there’s any one girl in Hollywood out there who could convince you that curvy is sexy, it’s Jordin Sparks. Jordin has come a long way from her early idol days, weight-wise. From being the big girl with the big voice, Jordin is now a sexy songstress. Same incredible talent, same sexy curves, just a new healthier body. Jordin started taking care of her health more seriously in 2010 when she turned 21. She was able to lose a total of 50 lbs and today, she maintains her figure with a healthy diet and a trip to the gym every now and then.

jordin sparks 2 jordin sparks jordin