5 Reasons to Love Lorde

We’ve all heard her hit song ‘Royals’ and we were all left with our jaws hanging from amazement as she performed at the most recent Grammys but what else is there to know about this up and coming singer and songwriter from New Zealand? Well there’s an awful lot to discover about this lovely lady but before all that, let’s see what all the buzz is about surrounding her. Here are 5 reasons to love Lorde.

  • Her song ‘Royals’ is rad – you’ve heard it over and over again, yet every time it goes on the radio you can’t but sing along. That’s the power of a great song. You don’t just get tired of it like most pop songs these days. It’s one of those songs that actually make you feel good every time you listen to it, no matter how many times. Plus, the lyrics are super catchy, too! This is exactly why everyone who’s anyone is hooked to this particular song.

lorde photo cute

  • She offers a breath of fresh air – just when we thought there was no more hope for teens in the music industry, Lorde happened. This young lady is indeed someone you’d be more than okay with for your kids or your little sisters to follow. While every other teen singer is making big bucks and getting attention from the media and the public by getting naked and provocative and getting involved in scandals of all sorts, Lorde is making waves and hitting charts using her pure talent in music (as well as her eccentric sense of style).



  • She has crazy hair which she wears proudly – Lorde’s hair in one word is EXOTIC and she’s not afraid to wear it loud and proud everyday in the most natural way. Those wild curls which, by the way, have not been cut for four years now may just be Lorde’s signature except for her musical style, of course. If you’ve seen her play with her hair in her Royals music video, you know how sexy those locks are. She does get her hair tamed every once in a while and she looks gorgeous in it just the same but we just love the subtle sex appeal from her untamed mane.

lorde hair wild lorde hair

  • She’s got talent and everyone knows it – as mentioned earlier, Lorde’s rise to fame isn’t thanks to scandalous publicity stints and whatnot but purely because of her talent. At 17 years old with yet so little experience and exposure to the big Hollywood music scene, Lorde has already bagged 2 Grammy awards (Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance of the year) for her song Royals. She’s also the first female soloist to top Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart since Tracy Bonham in 1996.

goth lordes performance

  • She has major celebrity endorsements ALREADY – it hasn’t been long yet since Lorde entered the music scene and made waves but already, she has big celebs rooting for her. Pretty Little Liar star Ashley Benson raved about Lorde’s performance during the pre-Grammys party while Vanessa Hudgens also gushed about the singer saying she’ll be suggesting Lorde’s music to her friends.

 gorgeous lorde