5 Reasons to Love Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has indeed come a long way from her ‘Tim McGraw’ days. From being the cute country chick, she’s now one of the hottest Hollywood A-listers. Because of her beautiful songs, which a lot of us could relate to, Taylor has amassed millions and millions of fans all over the world proved by her impressive Facebook page and Twitter stats as well as her  always sold out concerts and tours around the globe. Currently, Taylor is doing her world Tour for her album entitled ‘Red’. If you don’t already have enough that you can think of, here are 5 more reasons to love Taylor Swift.


  • She’s a great example for kids and teens to follow – unlike most teen stars today, Taylor isn’t one you would find on tabloids because of risky and rebellious behavior. She doesn’t do drugs, she doesn’t party all night, every night, and she hasn’t gotten arrested and has not been involved in scandals. She does make the news but it’s almost always because she won yet another award for her awesome music. Going for bad publicity just isn’t her thing and we love that about her.

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  • She writes and sings her own songs – though there are also other songwriters who write some of her other songs for her, Taylor writes most of her songs and sings them really well, too. In fact, Ed Sheeran (that cutie who was on her ‘Everything Has Changed” music video) who joined a lot of Taylor’s tours for her album Red praised her saying “She’s probably the only woman in her position in the industry who writes 100 percent of her hits. It’s a very cool thing.”


  • She loves and appreciates her fans – if there’s one celebrity who knows how to truly show appreciation for her fans, it’s Taylor Swift. Taylor is not only known for working hard on every concert to give her fans her best performance every time, she’s also loved by her fans because of her T-parties. T-parties are basically parties that Taylor herself hosts after her concerts. It is during these parties that she gets the time to get closer to her fans.

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  • She isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself – if you remember that rap song she did with  T-pain entitled ‘Rap Story’, you know what I’m talking about. Taylor may not pass as a hardcore rap artist but she sure knows a thing or two about rapping and she does so all in good fun. She’s also not afraid to look silly and goof around whenever she comes on to different TV talk shows.

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  • She has great sense of style – she doesn’t dress up as glamorously as other celebs, she doesn’t carry a pooch around in a designer pet carrier bag, she isn’t obsessed with designer labels yet, there’s no denying that Taylor Swift is one of the best-dressed celebrities in Hollywood. Her simple but classy sense of style is always worthy of a second (even a third, fourth or fifth) look. We also love how she’s confident to step out in public wearing regular clothes that aren’t from high end stores and how she sports this ‘everyday ordinary’ outfits with no makeup on, just like most of us.

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