5 Reasons Why We Love Tyra Banks

You probably already know Tyra Banks or at least have heard of her, unless you’ve been living under a rock. She’s fun, quirky and fierce all at the same time. A lot of people have a love-hate thing going on for her but we just love her all the way. Here are our top 10 reasons why we love Tyra Banks.

  • She’s crazy – yes, that’s probably one of the biggest reasons we’re so in love with this gorgeous stunner. Unlike most celebs or supermodels who try to act prim and proper all the time like they’re the holiest of the holies, Tyra lets out her crazy side any time and any where she thinks it would be appropriate. She doesn’t pretend to be demure though she can be very classy and elegant when the time calls for it.


  • Her larger than life personality – she may be just another supermodel to other people but to those who know and watch Tyra, she’s larger than life. She uses her talent not only to her advantage but also for the benefit of others. She’s always more than willing to help others succeed in the field of modeling and she’s ready to mentor anyone she thinks has the potential to make it to the industry she once shined in.


  • She encourages model wannabes to be healthy – Tyra was greatly applauded when she spoke on Good Morning America to celebrate Vogue’s new health initiative for their models when it came out. She doesn’t believe in having to have eating disorders to become skinny and fit for the modeling world. She has always encouraged women who want to be models to be comfortable in their own skin and with their body and to eat and live healthy.


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  • She makes the funniest faces – have you seen Tyra on the ANTM panel? The faces she makes are crazy funny! She can twist and turn the muscles on her face to make the most insane expressions and she isn’t afraid of what she would look life after. She doesn’t ask her team to edit or cut out those scenes where she looks a bit cray-cray and we love her for that!

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  • She made modeling an interesting thing to watch – admit it, you were never truly excited to go to those fashion shows if it wasn’t for the clothes you so wanted to get a hold of. Models walking down the runway with their faces void of expressions isn’t exactly a very breath taking thing to watch but Tyra made a way to make it look fun and interesting. She’s created a reality TV to show aspiring models living together in one house and competing against each other during challenges. She’s also made walking down the runway more fun by making her models walk on various runways with thrilling obstacles like gongs or a carousel ride.

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  • She reinforces a healthy body image – back in 2007, Tyra was the talk of the town because of the several pounds she had obviously put on. Now, if this happened to some other celebs, they would sure retreat and take a break from showbiz until they get their sexy old body back but not Tyra. She showed the world and the young girls who look up to her that gaining a few pounds shouldn’t make them feel like they’re worth less. Indeed, Tyra is the perfect example of someone who knows how to see beauty in every body, no matter what size.

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