7 Celebrities Who Look Gorgeous Even without Makeup

A lot of women envy celebrities because of their good looks. Wouldn’t it just be so nice if you could wake up looking like a million bucks just like celebrities do in movies and on TV? Well, as wonderful as that might seem, we all know that it’s the makeup that makes these celebrities sensationally beautiful on screen. However, there are actually celebrities who look gorgeous even without makeup on. Check out this list of stunning, bare-faced celebs!

  • Taylor Swift – we all love how she always looks smashing and super chic with her signature red lip, flirty blonde hair and stylish bangs but Taylor has that a typical sweet girl-next-door kind of  beauty when she doesn’t have makeup on. We just love how she embraces this no makeup look and actually goes out in public wearing nothing but a smile on her face.

taylor swift 2 taylor swift

  • Zooey Deschanel – who needs makeup when you have eyes that sparkle even when you’re dead tired and super haggard? There’s just something about her, maybe her eyes, her smile or her quirky personality, that makes Zooey Deschanel look pretty even when she doesn’t have makeup on. I guess it’s a combination of all three.

zoeey deschanel

  • Kate Winslet – take a look at the picture of Kate Winslet without makeup below and tell me you aren’t jealous of how perfect she looks even though there’s not the slightest bit of makeup on her face. Her eyebrows look perfect, her lips look just as sexy and seductive, and her eyes – oh how they look tantalizing sans the shadow, the liner and the mascara and the highlighter! I know, it’s too difficult to believe but hey, the picture says it all.

kate winslet

  • Kim Kardashian – we’ve all grown so used to seeing Kim Kardashian wearing her signature sultry makeup look of dark, smoky eyes and nude, juicy lips so seeing her without makeup every now and then is really refreshing. Kim looks just as sexy without makeup on, thanks to her naturally pouty lips and her exquisite facial features.

kim kardashian 2 kim kardashian

  • Gisele Bundchen – she seems like the woman who has it all, really. She’s got a glamorous job as a model, she has a hot and hunky hubby, she gave birth to a beautiful baby and at one point, was the highest paid model in the world. And, as if that was not enough, she looks ravishing even without makeup on. Now, that’s what you call a real knockout!

gisele bundchen

  • Olivia Wilde – with makeup on, she looks fierce and hot but without anything on her face, Olivia Wilde has a sweet, soft look that’s sure to make anyone green-eyed with jealousy. She has amazing skin that doesn’t need much cover up and she also has stunning bone structure to die for!

olivia wilde

  • Marion Cotillard – oh, French women, when will we all get over you? French ladies are considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world and seeing Marion Cotillard’s beautiful face without makeup confirms that. To be honest, there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to her look with or without makeup.

marion cotillard marion cotillard 2