Best Celebrity Bodies To Get Inspired And Admire

When we look at celebrities, they may look beautiful in front of the cameras and spot lights but in reality they may not be that very beautiful or fit, we’ll wonder if it was camera tricks that cast the magic spell in making them look beautiful in movies and media. Not all celebrities are less fit, there are quiet many celebrities with fantastic bodies to look at and get inspired.


Halle Berry is one of the celebrity with her perfect fit body, she’s in her mid 40’s and you wouldn’t believe it looking at her body, she still looks fabulous in her bikini and beach wear, her workout has paid off its merits.


Anna Paquin is one of those celebrities with perfect fit body that has perfect womanly curves at right spots and doesn’t look like a stick figure; if you are one of those fitness freaks then Anna Paquin will be a perfect role model.


Jennifer Lopez is in the list of perfect celebrity bodies with well toned muscles and she reveals the secret of her fitness as ice-cold water that boosts her metabolism and routine well planned diet keeps her fit and healthy, moreover she avoids alcohol knowing its bad effects and drink black coffee.


Heidi klum mother of 4 kids and she has lost weight post pregnancy and look fabulous, no one will believe that she is a mother of 4 kids looking at her fit body, she works out twice per day and follows strict diet planned by her dietician.

Heidi klum

First Lady Michelle Obama is another perfect example of fit body and planned diet. When we talk about celebrity bodies only actresses come to our mind, leaving behind others, but first lady Michelle Obama had made us think about her, proving that fitness is not meant only for movie stars. Her strict diet and exercise right from young age keeps her healthy and fit.


Jessica Alba is another perfect example of a perfect body to get inspired from, her cardio and boxing workouts has helped her tone her body and look fit. She eats a lot of protein diet and vegetables that add on to the secret of her perfectly fit body.

Jessica alba

Jennifer Aniston was voted as the sexiest bikini body of this year by the parade magazine, her routine yoga regime is the secret of her soft toned muscles and beautiful curved body.

jennifer aniston