Celebrities behind the Voices of Famous TV and Movie Characters

We’ve all watched a few animated films where characters are brought to life by voice actors. Did you know that aside from acting, some celebrities also play animated TV and movie characters using their voices? Here’s a compilation of some celebrities behind the voices of famous TV and movie characters:

  • Angelina Jolie – as Brad Pitt’s long time partner and a sexy momma to 6 gorgeous kids, Angelina Jolie and her family has long been a role model to a lot of other families out there. Kid-friendly Angelina was the voice behind one of the characters in the 2004 animated movie Shark Tale. In the movie, Angelina brings Lola to life through her voice. Lola is a gorgeous lion fish who played Lola, a tertiary antagonist who was also Oscar’s ex-girlfriend.

angelina jolie

  • Fergie – way before Fergie was making waves in the music industry as a part of the popular band Black-eyed Peas and a long time before she even knew Josh Duhamer, Fergie was already using her voice to bring to life a character from the hit cartoon show Peanuts. Fergie voiced Sally, Charlie Brown’s cute blonde little sister.

fergie fergie 2

  • Hayden Panettiere – she may have had her fair share of enviable roles including that in Remember the Titans (2000) where she played an opposite role to famous Denzel Washington but did you know that aside from being a great actress, Hayden is an amazing voice talent as well? She voiced the cute little bug Dot from A Bug’s Life even before she landed those roles that, I’m sure, quite a few other actresses would get envious of.

hayden panettiere

  • Kirsten Dunst – now famous for being Spider Man’s love interest in the movies, young Kirsten Dunst was the voice behind the young heroine princess Anastasia from the movie Anastasia in 1997. Imagine how young she was back then!

kirsten dunst kirsten dunst 2

  • Daveigh Chase – remember The Ring? Yes, that scary movie that had you sleeping with your lights on for days. Well, As frightening as the girl was in that movie, she’s actually very pretty in real life. Aside from being famous for her role in The Ring, Daveigh is also known for voicing one of our most beloved Disney characters which is the adorable and loving Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

daveigh chase

  • Meg Ryan – no man could resist the sexy charm and alluring looks of Meg Ryan. If you remember watching Captain Planet, a cartoon show on TV that focused on saving Mother Earth and encouraging its young viewers to do the same, then you probably remember Dr. Blight as well and did you know that Dr. Blight’s voice belonged to Meg Ryan? Cool, huh?

meg ryan 2 mandy moore

  • Mandy Moore – Mandy Moore is a famous singer who also played one of the lead roles in the movie A Walk to Remember. Her sweet, soft voice is really pleasing to the ears which is probably why she landed the role of Rapunzel from the Disney movie Tangled. So if, at one point in the movie, you thought to yourself that the wonderful voice of Rapunzel sounded familiar, it’s because you’ve heard it before from Mandy Moore.

 mandy moore