Celebrities We Can Rightfully Call Fashion Icons

Every single one of us has a different preference for style. Even the best dressed women in Hollywood have different tastes when it comes to fashion and style. But, regardless of that, there are just those who truly stand out with and set trends. There are celebrities who look great because of their stylists and there are those who know how to look good on their own but what makes a style icon or a fashion icon? If you ask me, personally I would say a style or fashion icon is someone who isn’t afraid to express her own sense of style regardless of what trend other people are following. Here’s a list of celebrities we can rightfully call fashion icons.

  • Victoria Beckham – even when she was still a Spice Girl (and she wasn’t called posh spice for nothing, you know), before she was Mrs. Beckham, Victoria already had a flare for fashion. Her career in music may have been a successful one but we all know she was made to design beautiful clothes and accessories for us ladies to enjoy. A lot of people raised their eyebrows when Victoria Beckham first entered the fashion world but she didn’t let those people and their opinions stop her and we’re glad. Her style? Simple, chic and classic: a gorgeous outfit, a pair of sky-high heels and some seriously oversized sunnies for a look that any girl would die for to pull off the way Victoria does.

victoria beckham victoria beckham 2

  • Rihanna – fashion may have rules but no fashion icon ever stuck to them and dressed by the book. Every now and then, breaking a fashion rule or two leads to a unique style and that’s what Rihanna is so good at. We just love how RIhanna’s able to pull off slinky, scanty clothes and look like a total rebel yet still look so classy when she’s dressed in elegant clothes. We also love that she loves her body and is always flaunting her assets for everyone to appreciate.

rihanna 2


  • Blake Lively – her Gossip Girl days may be over but the Serena van der Woodsen style lives on in Blake Lively. This young Hollywood star is such a refreshing sight to see, dressing up according to her age and not trying too hard to pull off styles which evidently don’t suit her. Blake’s style is always polished, like something right out of a magazine, yet it’s always so easy on the eyes. We just love how she always looks so effortlessly glamorous whether on screen or off duty.

blake lively blake

  • Sarah Jessica Parker – Sarah Jessica Parker is, by far, the most fearless fashion icon in my list. She isn’t afraid to try out new looks and give new fashion styles a chance yet she always has a way to incorporate her own fashion style and make it stand out. We loved her as Carrie, the fashionista from the TV series Sex and the City but we’re loving her more as her own bubbly, snazzy self, especially on the red carpet where she is known to always pull off a jaw-dropping look.

sjp sjparker

  • Kelly Osbourne – she hasn’t exactly got a supermodel body but we love that she’s confident in her own skin and isn’t afraid to let her quirky style shine. Kelly Osbourne is indeed one fashion icon with candid and straightforward yet unique style.

 kely osbourne kelly