Celebrities who Have Gone Green

Celebrities have always been very influential on many people which is why they make great endorsers, not just for products but for great causes as well. Once one celeb vouches and supports a certain organization or cause, you can be sure that millions will follow suit, fellow celebs and non-celebrities alike. These past years, more and more celebrities have gone green, going for hybrid cars, supporting local farms and organic food and rocking eco-friendly fashion. Check out our list of celebrities who have gone green.

  • Alicia Silverstone – Alicia has long expressed her love for animals which is why this gorgeous star has turned down anything that’s covered in fur and leather. Aside from that, she has also changed her diet by excluding everything sourced from animals like meat, milk and even honey. Alicia Silverstone’s animal-friendly and eco-friendly actions don’t stop there. Her home in Los Angeles where she lives with the four dogs she has rescued is fully solar-paneled as well. Luckily, hubby Christopher Jarecki shows full support and even gave her a very ‘green wedding’ with invitations made from recycled paper, organic flower decorations, and a sumptuous organic and vegan menu for the wedding reception party.

alicia silverstone alicia

  • Hayden Panettiere – she may be young but this stunning cheerleader from Heroes sure knows a thing or two when it comes to helping and saving Mother Earth. This pretty young lady is trying to help stop the hunting of whales and dolphins, especially those that are don’t just for ‘fun’. Anything relating to the plight of our marine life is a cause that Hayden would support any day.


hayden panettier

  • Hilary Duff – if there’s one Disney child star worth praising and emulating, it has got to be Hilary Duff. Unlike most of her peers who are getting wasted, drunk, high and arrested every night of the week, Hilary spends her time as an ambassador for Return to Freedom which is a sanctuary made especially for wild horses. There are also countless other organizations and charities which she is involved in, most of them focusing on environmental issues.

hilary duff hilary duff

  • Mary Kate Olsen – though you would often see her clad in leather and fur, Mary-Kate is surely all about helping and saving the environment. Mary-Kate is part and is an active member of the Environmental Media Association. It’s the same association that invented and came up with the concept of the green carpet. The green carpet, basically, is when celebrities take hybrid cars like the Prius to award shows and parties to ‘encourage’ other celebrities to go for the [hybrid cars] as well in hopes that one day, this will be the norm.

marykate olsen mary kate

  • Christina Aguilera – she may not have been very active in the music scene for quite some time now but we know she’s putting her valuable time (and voice) to good use. Christina Aguilera has been to countless talking engagements, speaking out about environmental issues. She is currently involved with the Defenders of Wildlife and has also been involved with a number of various different charities with a focus on environmental issues.

christiana aguilera christina