Celebrities Who Prove that Yoga Works Wonders

Among all the things that you can do to keep fit, yoga seems to be one of the hardest. Experts and enthusiasts make it look so easy but when you get to try it for the first time, you might find your body feeling sore halfway through the first session. So, what keeps people coming back for more in yoga? Well, aside from making your body a lot more toned, fit and flexible, it also does a lot more of other things like posture improvement and even peace of mind. Here’s a list of celebrities who prove that yoga works wonders indeed.

  • Adam Levine – one of the hottest celebs right now is Adam Levine, lead singer of the famous band Maroon 5. A lot of women would scream, shout and faint just at the sight of this hottie and one of the things that he does to keep fit is yoga. In fact, he’s been into yoga for 5 years now! Adam Levine does what is called Ashtanga yoga – a modern day adaptation of the classic Indian yoga.

adam levine adam

  • Lea Michele – if you’re looking for a way to cope with stress, depression or grief, take it from Lea Michele and do yoga. If you’re ever wondering how Lea manages to look good despite the grief she’s going through due to the passing of her late boyfriend Cory Monteith, the answer is yoga. Lea started taking yoga last year to help her cope with the things she’s going through which just goes to show that yoga isn’t just for your physical well being but for your mental and emotional health as well.


lea michele

  • Jennifer Aniston – I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t envy Jennifer Aniston’s youthful looks. Back in her Friends days up until today, it seems like Jennifer Aniston hasn’t aged a day in her life. Would you believe that this gorgeous stunner is now 44? I know, it’s unbelievable and she has yoga to thank for that.

jennifer jennifer aniston

  • Lady Gaga – some may find her style and her sense of fashion weird, judging from the way she presents herself in most of her music videos but you can’t deny the fact that underneath all those makeup and costumes lies a body so fit and sexy. Lady Gaga is a huge fan of yoga. She practices Bikram yoga which she claims has helped her recover faster from her hip surgery and from her eating disorder a couple of years back.

lady gaga 2 lady gaga

  • Reese Witherspoon – to all of you who think that there’s no way out of a not-so-fit body after having a baby, just take a look at Reese Witherspoon and you’ll see a beacon of hope shining through. Reese may have had a baby but that didn’t stop her from looking fit and feeling good about her body again so why should it stop you? If you want to look and feel fit again post-baby, why not try yoga like Reese did? It’s the perfect workout for moms because you can do it even when you’re just at home while watching your baby at the same time.

reese reese witherspoon