Celebrity Costume Ideas You Can try Out!

When it comes to Halloween celebrity costumes are always on top. Whether they be sexy or scary, you can never go wrong with channeling your inner celebrity at least one night out of the year. From a transgender Lady Gaga and a pantless, hot mess Christina Aguilera to a Geisha-esque Katy Perry and a hoedown happy Rihanna, the bold and beautiful few certainly provide quite a bit of inspiration when the ghoulish holiday rolls around.

So who will you be this year? Will you channel a sexy or scary celeb? Check out article and dress up as your favorite celebrity with our celebrity costume ideas!

lady gaga costume

Katy Perry Costume is like Lady Gaga, you have a lot of costume ideas to choose from. So you can go with her new looks in this movie or one of her classics such as the California Girls, Candyland, Cupcake Bra, Whipped Cream, Gumball or go for high waist bottoms and corsets costume in pastel colors.

Katy Perry California Girls costume

The key in wearing a Nicki Minaj Costume are bright colors. First, get yourself a pink, green, yellow, or blue wig—then slather on some makeup to match. As for the outfit, there’s plenty to choose from. Nicki—aka the Harajuku Barbie, aka Roman Zolanski—has rocked everything from leopard-skin cat suits to neon tutus

Nicki Minaj costume

Since Nicki Minaj has called herself “The Female Weezy,” so it’s only natural for Lil Wayne himself to come next on our list. Lil Wayne costume is pretty easy: Wayfarer sunglasses, dreadlock wig, baseball cap, gold chains, sagging jeans, and wife beater. The hardest part: Convincing yourself to take a Sharpie to your face, neck, arms, and just about every other visible inch of skin on our body. It’s either that or shell out for real tattoos!

lil wayne costume idea

Rihanna costume offers plenty of leeway, as the Bajan beauty changes looks by the hour, but for our money, the key to being RiRi is short, black, angular hair; red lipstick and nails; dark sunglasses; hoop earrings; and a black outfit that shows off plenty of thigh, midriff, and chest.

rihanna umbrella costume

Channel Rihanna’s laidback yet very stylish and very out-there look by mixing and matching! She can go from good girl gone bad to a really stylish ghetto chick.

rihanna costume

Justin Bieber costume for Halloween is a fun idea for the spooky holiday. Justin Bieber dresses like a typical trendy teenage boy, so wear a t-shirt. Over the t-shirt, put on a hoodie.

justin bieber costume idea


Justin’s worn a plain hoodie, a or a gray and white horizontally striped hoodie. If desired, pull the hood over your head-Bieber does this sometimes. Finish the look with a cap and some Supra shoes.

justin bieber costume

Lady Gaga has some wild outfits and costumes. Your perfect Lady Gaga outfit will only depend on what look you’re after.

lady gaga costume idea


She’s very much known to surprise and shock everyone everywhere so brace yourself for the attention you’ll get. You can watch award shows and Lady Gaga’s music videos for an idea.

lady gaga meat dress