Celebrity Costume Ideas for Halloween

There are a lot of celebrity costume ideas for those who can’t think of the costume they will wear for the Halloween this year. When going as a celebrity, you just need to think of that celebrity’s trademark look. There are celebrities who certainly have a unique, and to the point, weird sense of fashion. These celebrities are the best ones “to be” during the Halloween, or even during costume parties. You are probably getting tired of the common Halloween costume ideas, so here are some celebrity costume ideas for women that you can get ideas from.

To get the Amy Winehouse look, first of all you got to have a wig such as the one on the picture. You will also need a temporary tattoo, a white tank top, and some denim shorts. The makeup is also important.

Amy Winehouse Costume Idea


Since the movie Snow White and the Huntsman was just released this year, there are a lot of women who would probably go as Charlize Theron, the evil queen. There are costumes that can be bought such as the one on the picture.

Charlize Theron Evil Queen


If you are feeling very bubbly this Halloween, why not be Katy Perry?

Katy Perry Halloween Costume


We are getting tired of the usual vampires, but if it is Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, why not? There are a lot of Bella Swan outfits that you can get ideas from as well.

Kristen Stewart Bella Swan


One of the best celebrity costume ideas that you can do is the Lady Gaga costume. There are also a lot of trademark Lady Gaga celebrity costumes for women in shops.

Lady Gaga Prisoner Costume


Now we all got shocked when Miley Cyrus chopped of her beautiful locks. If you are really devoted to your Halloween costume, you can cut off yours too and go as her.

Miley Cyrus Costume Idea


Remember the time when you wanted to go as a ballerina when you were still a little girl? Well, you still can. This Natalie Portman Black Swan costume will turn heads. Just remember to put on the right makeup, and you are good to go.

Natalie Portman Black Swan


Being Nicki Minaj is one of the funny costume ideas for women that you can try. Put on a girly-girl outfit such as this, have some blonde or pink wig ready, put on some shades, play Superbass on the background, and you are already Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Celebrity Costume


You can also go as Rihanna, where you’d only need some bling, a platinum wig, large sunglasses, platform heels, and a fake microphone.

Rihanna Halloween Costume Idea


If you want to go as Snooki, the basics that you’d need is an orange tan, some really tight tube dress, high-heeled shoes, hoop earrings, and a nicely done hair.

Snooki Halloween Costume Idea


There are a lot of celebrity costume party ideas for this Halloween. Just remember that you need to copy the look that celebrity is known for. If you are getting tired of the common Halloween costumes, then you must try these celebrity costume ideas for this year.