Celebrity Moms Who Make Motherhood Seem So Easy and Glamorous

Celebrities have always been known for living a glamorous life that’s more than just comfortable compared to that of an average person’s. They have the biggest, most luxurious houses, they’re married to the hottest people, they drive the fanciest cars, have the fattest bank accounts and, I guess this shouldn’t comes as a surprise but somehow it still does, have the easiest parenting experience. Their secret to the latter? A whole army of stylists, personal shoppers, housekeepers, chefs, nannies and tutors for their kids so that all they have to worry about is actually interacting with their children whenever they want. Indeed, the life of a celebrity mom is one that’s highly coveted by regular moms. And why not? These celebrity moms who make motherhood seem so easy and glamorous do look like they have it all figured out. Check them out below.

  • Angelina Jolie – one kid in the house is usually enough to get you wondering whether you’ve lost your mind yet but Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem to mind. Always pictured off duty with partner Brad Pitt is Angelina with all their six children in tow and she doesn’t look fazed or frazzled at all.

angelina jada smith

  • Jada PInkett Smith – if you were someone who didn’t know this Hollywood cool mom, you would never guess that she has two teenage kids. Yes, you read that right, TWO TEENAGE KIDS. They say teenagers are the hardest to deal with but judging by Jada’s looks, it seems like she isn’t having a hard time at all.

jada smith

  • Katie Holmes – she’s perhaps one the most fabulous and glamorous moms in Hollywood and, as if her being fab and glam isn’t enough, she also has one of the most stylish kids in Tinsel Town. Suri, Katie and Tom’s only daughter, is known to have a wardrobe more stylish that that of a regular adult’s. Katie sure has influenced her well.

katie holmes

  • Sarah Jessica Parker – is there a mom in Hollywood more glamorous than The SJP? She’s played glamorous roles in TV and movies and has been known to sport the best outfits on red carpet events. Her impeccable taste in fashion surely makes us moms wish we could look like her despite having to keep three little ones in mind.

sarah jessica parker sjp

  • Victoria Beckham – 4 cute kids, a hot hubby and a wardrobe full of the best, classiest, fanciest and most gorgeous clothes and accessories indeed makes Victoria Beckham a Hollywood mom worthy envying. I mean, how can she still look that good after four kids? I don’t know about you but I look like a mess most of the time and I only have one kid.

victoria beckham

  • Gisele Bundchen – supermodel Gisele Bundchen sure knows how to balance work and family life. In a photo which went viral on the internet, Gisele was photographed while breastfeeding and being dolled up at the same time. The said photo has been copied and re-made by moms all over the world.


  • Jessica Alba – what list of glam Hollywood moms would be complete without the superstar mom Jessica Alba? She doesn’t only make motherhood look super glam and easy, she shows us that it’s really enjoyable too! Jessica Alba is so into the whole motherhood experience that she even started her own company that makes and sells products for moms and babies.

jessica alba jessica alba and kids