Celebrity Short Hairstyles

While celebrities love keeping their long locks because of the many styles they can experiment with it, more and more stars are ditching their lengthy tresses for sleek and chic bobs.

If you are thinking of sporting a short do, then you can try out the looks of these celebrities with short hair.


celebrities with short hair

Victoria “Posh” Adams-Beckham

victoria beckham short hair

Truly a trendsetter, Posh spice is considered as the mega-celebrity who started the “short hair” trend. Mrs. Beckham is often photographed in society pages in sleek and asymmetrical bobs. She updates her ‘do by dyeing her locks in different shades and adding bangs to her bob. If you want to look “posh” just like her, then what you can ask your stylist to emulate Victoria’s lovely locks.



Rihanna-short hairstyles

Singer Rihanna is one of the many famous celebrities with short hair. Her asymmetrical bob, which she donned in her music video “Umbrella,” became an instant hit with women craving for an edgy look. Often sporting red hair, Rihanna is considered as an icon by women who want to take their tress style to a whole another level.

Rihanna Hairstyles

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes hairstyles

Ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise often shuffles from long hair to short hair, but her “straight bangs bob” is considered as her best look so far. It managed to frame her beautiful features in such a way that made her look more radiant. Not all celebrities can pull this risky look, and Katie has shown that she has the perfect face to do such a thing.

Michelle Williams


Former Dawson’s Creek star Michelle Williams first started out with long, blonde locks, but now she feels at home with her boy-cut, pixie hair. While other celebrities are too afraid to have ‘very short’ hair, Michelle took the plunge – and the look has helped her become the fashion maven that she is today.


Emma Watson


Emma Watson, who became famous as “Hermione” in the Harry Potter movies, shocked the world when she ditched her long, brunette locks for a stylish pixie bob. While it took a lot of getting used to, the fashion-forward Emma has shown to the world that she’s edgy enough to pull off very short hair.

Nicole Ritchie


This former reality star-turned-jewelry designer’s hair is the perfect length for women who don’t want super short hair. Her locks, which fall at her chin, is great for women who want a bob that’s not too much. With her sassy side-swept bangs, Nicole Ritchie shows that a simple hairstyle can make you look effortlessly chic.