Celebrity Tattoos Gone Wrong that Will Make You Think Twice About Getting Inked

A lot of us really look up to celebrities for their inspiration, whether it’s about lifestyle, fashion, health or beauty. For this reason, the pressure on celebs to look great and set a good example is tremendous. However, there are just some celebs who can’t be bothered by this pressure and still do whatever they want without throwing a care as to what their fans or followers might say. Sure, they live under the public’s eyes and they know they’re going to be quickly judged with their every move but they still decide to just go with whatever. Even the smallest things, like a tattoo for example, does not escape the public’s prying eyes. In case you’re looking for tattoo inspiration from celebrities, here’s a list of those whom you should NOT follow. Here are celebrity tattoos gone wrong that will make you think twice about getting inked.

  • Cheryl Cole – she got her tattoo a long, long time ago after winning a place in the Girls Aloud auditions. Her tattoo started out as a butterfly ‘tramp stamp’ but as the years went by and many other tattoos later, Cheryl decided to add details to the butterfly so she got what seems to be a foliage to surround the butterfly art on her back and finally, in 2013, she decided to have it all covered up with humongous English roses that extended to the entirety of her behind. Now, don’t get us wrong, the roses are beautiful but the size of the tattoo makes it look just trashy and inappropriate for the image Cole is trying to put on nowadays.

cheryl cole tattoo cheryl cole cheryl cole tatt

  • Pink – we love how Pink is just always fresh and eccentric but we hate how she has that help button tattooed on to her arm. According to Pink, she’s had the tattoo done so she would have something to press when she feels overwhelmed. She also jokingly added that so far, the help button tattoo hasn’t worked and that she needs to get it activated. We admire your ability to poke fun at yourself, honey, but there’s just no excuse to that tattoo. I mean, the way the word ‘help’ was written is just… helpless.


  • Nicole Richie – it’s sad how people take the sign of the cross for granted these days. I mean, it’s a religious signs so we’re expecting people to show some respect for it but many are just using it for aesthetic purposes. In this case, though, it wasn’t aesthetic at all. Nicole Richie’s cross tattoo on the top of her bum can be offensive to some but even those who don’t have strong stands for religion will agree that this ink design lacks creativity.

nicole richie nicole r

  • Miley Cyrus – Miley’s been on the roll for being an attention-seeker lately and we’re not sure whether this recent tattoo is another deed to get some publicity or she’s just really sentimental and wanted something to remember her first Rolling Stone magazine cover by. Miley’s had her soles inked with the words “ROLLING” on one and “$TONE” on the other. I’m pretty sure there are other places where she could have had the tattoo, though.

miley cyrus miley

  • Hayden Panettiere – what could be worse than regretting a misspelled tattoo that’s supposed to say ‘live without regrets’? That’s exactly what Hayden Panettiere has to live with every day. Hayden chose to have the phrase “Vivere Senza Rimpianti” by her rib cage but instead she got a misspelled “Rimipianti”. She’s currently on the process of having this regretful tattoo removed. Talk about irony, huh?

hayden tattoo hayden