Changes in the Weight of Christina Aguilera

During the old days when Christina Aguilera was just starting in the business, she was too thin and that was her trademark. However, since she was hooked up with her boyfriend Matt Rutler, her friends and fans have started to observe that she has been gaining weight. Well, it would be too early to conclude that Matt is the reason for everything, but people have been confirming that it is true: Matt urges Christina to eat what she wants.

Thin Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera in 1999

Sexy Christina Aguilera

Sexy Christina Aguilera

Before and after christina aguilera weight

Christina Aguilera’s weight Before and After: Notice how much pounds were added

Christina Aguilera

Christina starts to gain weight, yet still very sexy

According to a piece in National Enquirer, Christina’s pals claim that Matt Rutler is indeed a ‘chubby chaser’.  He (Matt) also allegedly told Christina that he loves beautiful and big gals and he doesn’t care about thin women. They even claim that Matt and Christina Aguilera are binging on fattening foods and drinking booze most of the time that contributed to Christina’s weight. Well, all these rumors were proven to be just rumors and it is not true that Matt encourages her to gain weight.

Christina and Matt Rutler

Christina with Matt Rutler and her obviously more voluptuous body

Christina Aguilera Fat

Christina looking gorgeous, despite her ‘bigger body’

Christina Aguilera body

Fans say that Christina is not actually fat, but looks great on her curvaceous body

But no matter what people say, Christina is obviously happy with her figure. She claimed that she has always been very thin and she loves her body now. “I love that now I have a booty and obviously I love showing my cleavage”, she told Lucky Magazine. She also gave advice to fellow curvy sisters that if they can work their body and own their body, their confidence will shine through, despite being a little big.

If you can remember, Kelly Osbourne also called Christina Aguilera ‘fat”, but now that Christina has been losing significant weight, Kelly told Watch What Happens Live that Christina is looking way better now.

Chritina Aguilera present weight

A better looking Christina minus some pounds

Christina weight

Christina’s shoot before The Voice showing her much more toned body

Christina Aguilera in the Voice

Christina Aguilera in the Voice showing significant weight loss and a more polished style

Just when Christina has started to gain weight, her voice was not the topic for so long, but it has been her weight.  Christina can have the weight that she wants, but obviously, she should also be concerned of her health and losing some pounds would be best. Before the Voice, she showed off her weight loss and now that the next season is arriving again, we hope that she did not get back all those pounds she had before.