Cool Supermodels You’d Love to Hang Out With

If you think supermodels are all about strutting their stuff on the runway and posing for the camera, you’re wrong. They may look very stiff and straightforward while modeling but did you know that a lot of supermodels are actually so cool and fun to be with? Some of them have an amazing sense of humor that will blow you away while others are just downright entertaining and talented. Here are some cool supermodels you’d love to hang around with.

  • Cara Delevingne – she’s a total dork! But in a good way. And I mean a really, really good way. On duty as a model, Cara always has this serious look upon her but off duty you’ll see her goofing around with other celebs like Rita Ora and Karl Lagerfield. She also makes the funniest faces and you’ll love how she is able to make fun of herself all the time. Cara has an amazing sense of humor that I’m sure would keep you entertained for hours on end. If you’ve ever heard of Jennifer Lawrence being the ultimate best friend and roommate material, Cara’s just like that too. She’s like the Jennifer Lawrence of the modeling world.

cara delevingne cara cara d

  • Miranda Kerr – when news broke of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom splitting up, I felt really sad and disappointed and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people did too. I mean, they made a really cute couple and it was always so nice seeing them together in red carpet events and even off duty having fun together. Anyway, the reason why we think you’d love to hang out with Miranda is because she’s always cheery and happy. You’ll almost never see her having a bad day. She’s just always smiling and having fun with friends when she’s off duty.

miranda kerr miranda

  • Kate Upton – we admire how Kate has bravely and resiliently faced the challenges of being a curvy model in a world where women are expected to be stick skinny (yep, that’s modeling for you, right there). When a website was made and dedicated to call her fat, Kate did not run away and turn to crash diets or other slimming fads of sorts and came back looking like everyone else. Instead, she faced it all and showed the world what her real body looks like and we think that’s just amazing and it would be nice to have a friend who understands you and your body issues and insecurities. Plus, she’s got some serious dancing skills, too!

kate upton kate u kate

  • Karlie Koss – Karlie is such an inspiring supermodel. She is active in supporting the FEED project, a project to benefit hungry children around the globe. She’s shown her support for this project in many ways but the most notable of it all was when she baked some cookies herself to sell at Fashion’s Night Out in New York. She can bake, she has a good heart, an amazing closet to raid and she sure knows how to have a good time, too! Now, what more can you ask for in a friend?

karlie karlie koss