Fascinating Doppelganger Duos in Hollywood

Have you ever heard of the theory about each person having seven different lookalikes around the world? Well, whether you have or haven’t and whether you believe it or not, there’s no denying that these celebrities don’t look far from being twins! Check out these cool and fascinating doppelganger duos in Hollywood. And we thought unique looks were needed to get in the business!

  • Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel – those big, charming eyes are easy giveaways and you would be blind not to see the resemblance between these two beauties. Though their fashion sense and overall looks are very far from each other, you just can’t help thinking that they may just be actual twins separated from birth. Their personal styles are practically poles apart which is a great thing. Otherwise, we might face a seriously hard time distinguishing one from the other. Katy, of course, is the bolder, fiercer and more daring twin while Zooey is the one who’s more mellow with a bit of a quirky, nerdy vibe.

kperry zdeschanel katyp zooeyd

  • Zoe Zaldana and Thandie Newton – if there’s anything really outstanding about these two gorgeous ladies, it’s the fact that they both possess exquisite and exotic beauties, which make them look really similar too. Could they be each other’s ‘sister from another mother’, you ask? Well, we honestly doubt it. Zoe is half Dominican and half Puerto Rican while Thandie is half English and half Zimbabwean so there’s almost no chance for the two to be related to each other though they really look like they could be.

zzaldana tnewton

zoez thandien

  • Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega – same warm, pretty brown eyes, same luscious dark chocolatey locks, same Spanish heritage, could they be ACTUAL twins? Well, there’s a big fat chance that they’re relatives in one way or another and they could surely pass as twin sisters but unfortunately, they’re not. It’s no doubt, though, that these two hot Spanish beauties could pass as each other’s clone. Heck, if producers wanted one and she was unavailable for a project, they could conveniently get the other instead!

pcruz pvegas penelopec pazv

  • Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland – their resemblance to each other makes everyone think they’re sisters. Of course, Mila is the older, more mature and more seductive looking sis while Sarah is the younger one who’s well on her way to taking after her sister. It’s just so funny to see two gorgeous ladies who look alike work on two separate TV series that the world loves equally: Modern Family and That 70s Show. We think these two need to work on a TV series together. Anybody else agree?

mkunis shyland milak sarahh

  • Scarlett Johansson and Amber Heard – now we’re pretty sure Hollywood is toying with us. How can Hollywood have two of the same amazingly stunning and good looking beauties at the same time? That’s just unbelievable! But we’re not complaining. I mean, we could always use more pretty faces on TV, movies and magazines. Plus, who could resist such a lovely duo like them? we’re sure hoping they could work on some project together soon. It would be both awesome and confusing trying to distinguish one from the other while watching them.

amberh scarlettj aheard sjohansson