What's Hot: Feather Hair Extensions

Fashion is probably the only thing in this world that people continuously enjoy recycling. If you haven’t noticed, styles from the fifties and sixties can be seen in our modern fashion styles today.

Even the use of corsets remains to be a necessity in shaping women. As humans, we are naturally vain beings and in order to maintain our beauty, we will go to the ends of the Earth. 

cute feather hair extensions

Hair accessories have always been a very popular trend especially for those who don’t want to permanently color their hair thus, it is no wonder that feather hair extensions has risen, and is building up a storm with its comeback to fashion trends. Feather hair extensions help beautify hair and with premium grade feathers, they act just like your hair does.

kesha feather hair extensions

Applying feather hair extensions can help avoid the discomfort of having to dye, glue, or weave your hair in order to add a little color or style to it. It is one of the easiest ways to keep in style, and can last up to months depending on how you take care of your hair.

plume feather hair extensions

Unlike hair dye’s that are invasive and may damage the hair and the scalp, feather hair extensions help add different hues to bland looking hair. Not only are they beautiful looking, they you make a statement. 

stylish trend feather hair extensions

The great thing is, even with feather hair extensions attached to your hair, you are able to blow-dry, straighten, wash and curl your hair without limitations. 

liz ridgway feather hair extensions

Although feathers were known to be used by the Indian tribes, celebrities today have helped catapult this permanent trend. 

jennifer love hewitt wearing feather hair extensions

Today, celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Marianda Lambert have popularized stylish feather hair extensions to the point where they are even integrated into jewelry as well. 

hilary duff feather hair extensions

It does not matter whether a person has short hair or long hair as well because they can be trimmed to the desired length.  There are many brands and shops that offer a variety of colors, ranging from normal colors such as brown or blonde to rainbow colors such as purple and red. 

miley cyrus feather hair extensions

Feather Bouquets are also a great option for those of you who are looking for colors that look great together. For the more daring people, some feathers even come in different thickness, like Plume’s fashion feather hair extensions.

feather bouquet hair extensions

Because of its availability and hassle free function, feather hair extensions are popularly sought out by those who are daring and want to create a fashion statement. Its versatility will remain to be one of the many reasons as to why feathers remain to be a permanent trend. 

stylish feather hair extension