Hilarious Hollywood Ladies You Should Definitely Watch

Movies and TV today are its best. Watching something on TV or going to the theater is definitely one recreational hobby you can use if you’re getting bored of the old cycle and would like to take a break. Although there are lots of romantic films, action movies, thriller series and drama flicks out there, nothing beats a feel good comedy show / movie. Comedy is super easy to watch. It’s mostly light and is certainly relatable at some point. It’s just what we need when we want to simply sit back, relax, have a good time and take a break from life’s drama. Here are 5 hilarious Hollywood ladies that you should definitely watch.

  • Tina Fey – who doesn’t love Tina Fey? I love Tina Fey and I know you do too. She’s just so brilliant. Her comedy is pure genius. She may not look like a goof but just wait ‘til you see her do her thing! Tina Fey’s golden impressions of Sarah Palin definitely got everyone’s tummies hurting and her entire career on Saturday Night Live just proved why she’s one of Hollywood’s funniest women. We loved her from the show 30 Rock, too, where she acted alongside other funny guys like Tracy Morgan.

tina tina fey

  • Amy Poehler – we all giggled at her as she played the cool mom wannabe in the film Mean Girls back in 2004 but Amy Poehler’s comedic talent is no laughing matter. This woman has a serious knack for amusing and entertaining us viewers and that’s just what she proved during her 9-year stint at Saturday Night Live where everyone came to love her even more. Now playing the role of Leslie Knope in the TV show Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler is surely going to have you laughing all day long.


amy poehler

  • Ellen DeGeneres – I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t dreamed of watching The Ellen Show live. I mean, all that dancing and prizes and freebies plus the chance to see Ellen DeGeneres live is just… ugh! And, knowing how generous a spender Ellen is for her viewers both on location and in the studio, who knows? You might just win a crazy prize from her! But her generosity isn’t all that pulls viewers in to The Ellen Show. She’s quite a riot, too! Just watching her pull off those pranks with the help of her crew really makes us laugh.

ellen degeneres ellen

  • Anna Faris – a beautiful face with a great sense of humor. Now, who wouldn’t fall for that? Anna Faris proves that being pretty is not all that there is to her. Her role in the horror comedy spoof film Scary Movie got her noticed big time by a lot of people and she’s been tickling our funny bones every since.

anna anna faris

  • Cameron Diaz – the comedy she gives us may not be ‘comedy bar’ kind of funny  but the way she incorporates good fun in her easy and laidback roles absolutely make us chuckle. She made us laugh the most with her funny character from There’s Something About Mary but she was quite the character in the movie Bad Teacher, too!

cameron diaz cameron