How to Dress Like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is considered to be one of the best dressed celebrities of today and it’s not really hard to see why she has been considered so. Just one look at Selena Gomez will make you appreciate how appropriately this girl dresses for certain events and occasions. Unlike other teen Hollywood celebrities, Selena Gomez has the ability to pull off any look without looking way beyond her age.

She is also one of the few teen Hollywood celebrities who know how to dress their age and who know how to dress down and still look gorgeous and completely put together. Selena’s style can be categorized into three main categories: casual, dressy and glam. Here are a few tips on how you can dress like Selena Gomez:

Selena may always look glamorous but it’s not really difficult to dress like her

yellow dress and simple accessories

  • Layer your clothes – on casual days, you’ll notice that Selena Gomez likes to wear either just a simple shirt or a tank top and then she will layer it with a vest, a cardigan or a jacket. You’ll also spot her wearing scarves sometimes. This layering style makes an outfit look more complete and put together.
Selena in casual clothes still look fabulous
selena gomez casual outfit
Selena spotted with J.Bieber wearing a corset-like top and a cute jacket over it
bustier and cardigan selena gomez
  • Bring a big tote – you’ll also spot a lot of pictures of Selena Gomez carrying around a very large tote on days when she’s just out and about. This will not only let you copy Selena Gomez’s style, the large tote you bring around will also let you carry all of your other essentials.
Selena carries around this cute pink bag from D&G
Cute pink d&g bag selena gomez
She also likes this beige Juicy Couture tote that’s big enough to fit all her stuff in
selena gomez beige juicy couture bag
  • Wear flat foot wear – Selena Gomez rarely wears high-heels, pumps or wedges on casual days. Rather, she’s always spotted wearing sneakers, flip flops, ballet flats or flat sandals. This allows her to walk all day and lets her go anywhere she pleases without having to worry about blisters or sore ankles.
Walking comfortably in flat footwear
selena gomez wearing flats
  • Wear skinny jeans – Selena Gomez is perhaps one of those people whose legs look really great with skinny jeans on. Though she wears skirts and dresses, skinny jeans are proven to be a staple in Selena Gomez’s wardrobe.
Selena’s long sexy legs look great in skinny jeans
skinny jeans selena gomez
  • Wear dresses occasionally – Selena may be the casual-chic kind of girl but she does look amazing when she wears dresses to special events. If you haven’t noticed, Selena usually wears dresses of either dark or neutral colors but she chooses those with really great cuts, designs and accents and pair it with a fabulous pair of heels.
Gorgeous and sexy in a black dress
sexy black dress
  • Wear accessories – Just a few arm candies, a ring, necklace and earrings and perhaps a pair of sunglasses will do. Don’t over accessorize.
Just enough accessories to complete the look
accessories on selena gomez

Dressing up like Selena Gomez need not be expensive. As a matter of fact, if you look closely, you’ll see that she gets most of her clothes from affordable brands like Forever21, American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Urban Outfitters and the like. You can also shop from her exclusive clothing line Dream Out Loud from Kmart.

Clothes from Sel’s clothing line

Selena Gomez wearing clothes from her exclusive clothing line